John Harbaugh Full Press Conference After Week 13 Win Over Buffalo | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Andrew Rouh

why does the title say 13 when its week 14

    Saidu Fofanah

    Andrew Rouh yeah good point, I’m guessing they didn’t consider the bye week

    Preston F

    Use ur brain

The Tempest

Let’s goooo 💜💜💜💜💜

F 5 V E FiveRaindrop584

See we got this we waitin for y’all back in bmore

Beaver Man Animations

Let’s Go Ravens!!
This is our year

    Roland Schmitt

    Don’t limit us to a year lol

    Lucas Miller

    No it’s not it’s the bills year

Edward Leas

Harb’s slowly but surely sounding like a balmo na’iv

    James Bael

    I haven’t heard him call a grown man hun yet…

Aaron Turner

The best coach hands down

addison james


Nonya Biz

Let me find out the Ravens is getting spiritual. Let the church say “Amen”

    H S

    @Anightress Franklin Tuck and Lamar as well.

    TexasBass Fishing


    Shaqdashooter HK

    Getting? You must not been here them ray lewis days

    Henry Okoli

    🙏Amen! 🙏

    Darrell Boaz



Coach of the year for John and MVP for Lamar 🥵


    Oh please, Coach of the year should be Freddie Kitchens and MVP should be Baker Mayfield. They go through more averisity as Browns than any other coach or player. Just take a moment to contemplate what it’s like to play for such a garbage franchise 😩

Ro Velt

No test no testimony drop the mic

Rollo Tomasi

The defense was reminiscent of “ The Baltimore Bullies “……BRAVO team…..

    Roy Milla

    If only ray lewis is still playing hes still making names.

True Son

Glory to God AMEN!!!!!!

David Graham

GG Ravens… welp least I know my Bills can hang in there with the big dawgs. Was messy though damn O line was letting Allen get smacked around all game. When the Bills were atrocious the last 20 years I was a closet Ravens fan come post season when my team was done for the year… I was also a Lamar guy and wanted Buffalo to take him couldnt believe he wasn’t drafted sooner. You guys got a good one for sure…

    xA P 0 S t A TE

    @David Graham 😂 I know I’m kidding . Sry

    Cj Welch

    Gg man! Gl in playoffs!

    Caleb DesJardins

    For sure! Gotta give the ravens the respect they deserve but as a bills fan I saw a team that had “no chance” against a team I consider a super bowl favorite this year and it came down to the wire with some areas of improvement for sure. I mean you won’t see this on any news channel but the bills contained Lamar about as well as you can. If our offense was just slightly more effective this game then it coulda been a field goal we needed at the end instead a td. But we will def see the ravens again in the olayoffs and continue to be the most underrated and disrespected team in the nfl.


    Very good ballclub you guys got up in NY.. dont wanna see that defense again…


    Much respect to Bills

Jugg Head

Those refs really didn’t want y’all to win.

    The Way

    Jugg Head goes both ways.. the ravens got a way with a clear PI.,

    Officiating has just been bad this year all around


    Home field advantage is definitely a thing, which is why the no. 1 seed would be huge for us. Go Ravens!


    I mean they did get the calls right, and the Ravens did make a lot of them, but that tripping one that set the ball to the location of the foul was just unneccesary.


    Big facts we beat 2 teams yesterday the Bills and the officials smh

    Shaquarn Petrus

    The Way nah it wasn’t a pi they been calling that all year , same thing happen to mark Andrews last week and we even challenged it and lost

The Law_v1001

Hey Ravens get stuck really having to run with the weather of the last two games and still got the W.


    Idk, the weather has been pretty nice the last 2 weeks in Hawaii…

Blacc R

Short week, next stop Jets! Lets get Ravens!!! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Kevin Frazier

Steelers (Hunt)
Rams (hunt)

Ravens have beat 7 playoff teams already. Leaving only strong contenders Vikings…Saints….Packers.

One lost to the Chiefs

Making the Ravens 7-1 against contenders.

Some teams really be having an unbelievable hard schedule while others play trash teams all season


    That’s nothing compared to the schedule the Browns have every single year… imagine having to be the Cleavland browns every game you play 😩

    Kevin Frazier

    @Cody Which goes to say are some teams REALLY that bad???? Patriots have a schedule that automatically makes them at least 6-0 to 8-0 every season. Their fans believe they are the “gods” of the NFL smh no they play Bengals, Dolphins, Browns to name a few …


    @Kevin Frazier that’s why I’m cracking up at the Patriots back to back losses haha


These close, grind it out games are right on time for the Ravens who are getting into playoff mode where the games are not blowouts but instead, games like the last two against the Niners and Bills.

    Diogenes Arauz

    I’m glad i’m not the only one that likes that. Keeps them grounded…

    B-DuB 813


The Way

I’m a bills fan, but I’ve always liked Harbaugh. He’s one of the better coaches in the league..


May be the first time in NFL history a coach remarks that there was a “Very knowledgeable crowd”

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