John Harbaugh’s Locker Room Speech After Beating Buffalo Bills | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

John Harbaugh’s Locker Room Speech After Beating Buffalo Bills | Baltimore Ravens

Step inside the locker room to hear Head Coach John Harbaugh address the team after the 24-17 victory over the Baltimore Ravens. Marcus Peters, Greg Roman and David Culley were all awarded game balls.

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Jordan Davis Reply

Let’s wrap up this 1 seed!

    QUEENBEE200384 Reply

    Jalen Thank you Chiefs, for kicking their(Pats) asses. Nice that yet another team was able to hand it to them too. Now we’ve up another game ahead of them. Hopefully the Pats will continue to lose and fall down a couple more spots.

    OjTheJuiceBoy Reply

    QUEENBEE200384 maybe against the bills

    Kevin Prima Reply

    Chiefs really sealed up the playoffs for us — now the Ravens can afford to lose one more game (not likely) and still get the #1 seed

    Hans 818 - USA Reply

    Well the Pats lost so that makes us number one seed not because we beat the Pats but because were atop all lone now. Keep winning. This is Ravens Nation!!!!

Tony Dawez Reply

that’s John’s dad? looks just like jim😂. Only a few words but you can see where the two sons get there motivational speaking from.

    Hans 818 - USA Reply

    @Lionel Kennedy Yes it is

    A_Train W Reply

    It made me tear up a little because my great memory of Harbs father was the Superbowl win 7 years ago

    Walter Brown Reply

    Poor Jim that John Harbaugh is the Famous SON !

    Dave Brown Reply

    @Walter Brown 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣u right 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Joe Cool Berry Reply

    I love how the team prayed at the end, that was great

StevieT2411 Reply

Damn, and an Our Father to put a cherry on top of the W

    Massimo Todaro Reply

    you won’t ever see Belichick taking a knee with his players and reciting Our Father – this is a true team and family. Respect Coach

    basedgod1281 Reply

    This is so beautiful……. talk about this on FOX, ESPN, NBC, CBS, NFL NETWORK commentary…. 🤗✌🏿🙏🏿

    Association of Free People Reply

    Kevin Prima this is their livelihood smart guy. It’s their struggle every week and any week their individual careers can end due to injury. You have an extremely myopic perspective.

    Asmodeus Thenatos Reply

    @Association of Free People I was going to say exactly that. They have the stability of society, health, money to feed their families, and the privilege to do what they love for a living. There’s plenty to pray be thankful for.

    Richard DeCredico Reply

    It’s pretty fucked up to see grown men believing in childish nonsense.

Chase Carter Reply

If you can’t see how special this unit is you’re blind. Football aside they treat each other like brothers and they truly their team. This team going to the superbowl.

    Beau Man Reply

    SuperSavage bye Felicia 🙄🤣🤣😈

    SuperSavage Reply

    Beau Man where were you raven fans at a year ago? Nowhere to be found 😂

    Edwin Ramos Reply

    Chase Carter and winning the Super Bowl

    Beau Man Reply

    SuperSavage we’ve been here we’ve always had winning seasons except for one year when they went 5-11 a few years back. Go back to your own teams page Ms salty.

Eva Unit 01 Reply

What a team, Harbs is deserving of Coach of the year as much as anyone

    Ray Cash Reply

    @Rowdy Asbell and Ravens blew New England out what’s ya point?

    Rowdy Asbell Reply

    @Ray Cash you literally just proved my point, thank you.

    MeiJah Mitchell Reply

    @E C , I’d have to agree with Pat Carrol …I’m not a fan of either team, but a fan of the NFL..if the Steelers make it into the playoffs, they’d have to give it to Tomlin for being the drivimg force behimd a 3rd string Qb, bamged up #1 receiver out, and starting RB out too, yet they’re still winning.

    Russian Potato Goat Reply

    Bill Belzek actually hes a back up to a back up to a back up cause that josh kid got traded

James Black Reply

We are a Brotherhood. The Ravens are more than a football team it’s a way of life. We are the misfits. Every since the days of Ray Lewis, Rod Woodson and the list goes on. Now E.T. mar mar, Marcus Peters Peanut. Either the league gave up on em. Or their former teams didn’t believe. But we do. And will continue to do so. Straight to our 3rd ring baby. Watch the flock. Go ravens…

    Anightress Franklin Reply

    James Black love it!! Well said

    QUEENBEE200384 Reply

    Yes 💯. That’s our Ravens. And that is how Baltimore is too. Misfits but tough, overlooked, never given credit. But we won’t back down and will continue to fight. Please, keep counting us out, It’s how we thrive. It’s in our souls. 💜🖤😈

    Alexander Jones Reply

    ….mar mar? Cmon bro

    Phil Moore Reply

    Marcus Peters is some boo boo, really tho

    James Michaels Reply

    Brian Billick too he let them be them back then and embraced the the hard nose defense that we play with till this day… people won’t give us our credit but we are a top franchise in the NFL

Saleem Khan Reply

Coaching staff, defense, offence, special teams, and Lamar’s. Everyone play their part in this 9 game winning streak. Ravens super bowls champion, bellie that

    RyZe BreeZe Reply

    Saleem Khan dont even need to be a raven fan to know tht the truth, this team special. hard work pays off. i think people get a little to carried away with your guys qb, people have to remember a qb can be great. but a great team is even more dangerous..

Trey Dixon Reply

I’m stationed at Fort Stewart, GA. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy coming into work and bragging about our Ravens!

But, we gotta remember y’all! We have 3 games left. We have a short week this week and we haven’t done anything yet! Let’s embody the same mindset that this team shows!


No one is crowned in December! But, the chase begins!

    Kevin Prima Reply

    3 games left but the odds of losing any of them is low and we can still lose one of those games and keep the #1 seed — I like our chances in the playoffs!

    Seminal Reply

    Amen bro let’s keep stacking statements love that mojo #RavensFlock big truss 🤙🏼

    Hans 818 - USA Reply

    Well said and thank you for your service.

    Troy Richardson Reply


    joshua ertle Reply

    Thank you for your service! Great points 👌

Lionel Kennedy Reply

The Baltimore Ravens are a first-class organization. They have a really good thing going.

Caleb DesJardins Reply

It was cool to hear how much he respects the other team as well

    FACE OF BEAR Reply

    Bills are all about respect and toughness. Good call.

Cedric Flores Reply

Imagine the ravens doing a haka war dance b4 each playoff game. Lit

    DOHCTerrel Reply

    i’d prob wreck my house in excitement lmao

stackz dollaz Reply

Ravens showing they can win any type of game anywhere in any type of weather.

    Kevin Prima Reply

    That’s why I’m hoping it’s a windy frigid day in Baltimore for the AFC Championship — if Mahomes has a windless day he can really light it up with his arm

Willie Prescott III Reply

God I wish I would’ve stopped being a knucklehead so I could’ve been a Raven

    H B Reply

    Dez is that you?

Jay Reply

This came in my recommended, and nothing shocked me more than them praying AS A TEAM to wrap it up. Respect. Giants fan here

    Peasipa Namoa Reply

    Jay it’s pretty awesome!!!

    Shafay Qaiser Reply

    Yo I’m a giants fan and I know we ain’t getting no where so I’m supporting Seahawks and ravens

    Hans 818 - USA Reply

    Its going back to the way football teams did in the past and not all the PC crap. Bless then all

    YAT Reply

    That’s very awesome of them.

    Dave Brown Reply

    @Shafay Qaiser welll Dallas nt going no dam were i live in Washington D.C. im going with the ravens 👍🏾

Choppy Beats Reply

They won even with all those penalties. Gotta love the end of the speech.

    Paul Dyche Reply

    Josh Allen 17 out of 39 didn’t help too much either

E C Reply

The most underrated disrespected ignored QB in NFL history is now leading the best team in 2019 NFL

    Jeff Coats Reply

    E C was referring to Harbaugh

    E C Reply

    @Jeff Coats No I was talking about Lamar here

    Hans 818 - USA Reply

    @E C I think that is what EC meant. How can all the other teams miss out on Lamar? Teams were not looking for a receivers, running backs ext. They didn’t think Lamar fit the QB mold only Ozzie and Ravens management saw what this kid could do. After Joe flacco got hurt and put Lamar in and found out what a special player he is. Most teams make QBs learn there way of playing football, instead The Ravens fit the team around Lamar and its working. We must give kudos John Harbaugh and the rest of the coaching staff for this bold decision. The Brady era is coming to an end And the Jackson era is beginning.

    Mark Douglas Reply

    Um…tom brady? How is Lamar is ignored lmao. All you hear about is him since his soph yr at Louisville

Nelson Hamilton Reply

Lamar starting the clap at 55 seconds…just the lil leadership things you’ve got to love.

    Kevin Prima Reply

    That’s how a real leader acts — he aint no poser

    Roc Chambers Reply

    He does it when no one is watching 💯 that’s the best part

    21 is the day Reply

    And he didn’t play that well but he big up his teammates I like Baker but he comes across as a chump sometimes wants all the glory but none of the struggle. Smh this generation is scary

Ice Lunars Reply

What a coach this man is. Just listening to him speak makes you a better, more humble person

    Kevin Prima Reply

    His Daddy aint too shabby either

Zack Elliott Reply

Yall notice when he said “how bout the defense finishing that drive” lamar was the first to clap and get it going ! Respect my QB

    Hans 818 - USA Reply

    Lamar is a true team leader. Even at such a young age.

The Komis Reply

Who else came here expecting to hear “BIG TRUSSS” be honest

    frethero19 Reply

    You can hear what sounds like “BIG TRUSS TRUSS TRUSS” in the background when they give the game ball to Peters

    Kevin Prima Reply

    Trust me if the Ravens win the AFC Championship — you’re gonna hear Harbaugh scream “BIG TRUSS!” in that victorious locker room 😂

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