Matthew Judon Says Defense Wanted to Be Heroes, Full Press Conference | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Defense…you guys were the hero’s today…you guys scared me at the end but great job!

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    Hey 😏👀

    Darrell Barnes

    That what makes a great all around team (defense). Our (Ravens) 2000 and 2013 Super Bowl wins were won because of the defense (Ray Lewis & Company). If you have offense only and no defense, it’s more likely you won’t go as far in the season. We (Ravens) have an all around team, offense, special teams, defense, and the best quarterback in the NFL. Let’s go Ravens…!!!

Michael Couture

In the wise words of Doc Rivers: “no hero ball”! The Ravens didn’t get the win this week, or even get this streak, by any one person on the team being a hero. The reason this is a Super Bowl year is because everyone is playing their role, and it’s just going to be too hard for other teams to do it equally well.


    No doubt, and watch Steven A find a way to be more impressed with the bills loss


i love listening to Judon’s responses in my left ear

    Rhymestyle Dokkan luck

    Frrr I thought my headphones broke

    Kevann Storey

    Lol thought it was my head phones too

    Dave Brown

    I thought it was my hearing


My man Judon is steady ballin’. A bona fide Pro Bowler.

Damu Noble

Offense has won games. Special teams won last week. Defense won today. Go Ravens!

Saleem Khan

Defense win championship period

    Kevrokk Kills

    That’s what they say.

Kazine Kelly

I like it defense competing with the offense. That’s a recipe of dominance


the end of the patriots dynasty and the beginning of the ravens dynasty

    Lord Have

    Patriots arent done until they are done. We gotta relax

Rick Karras

Rooting for Baltimore from Tampa Bay area

kiyan west

resign everyone on defense

Sang Nguyen

I want Marlon Humphrey to get pick 6 or marcus peters gets pick 6

Leroy Worsley

Judon is going to get Paid!$!$!

Ron Carter

“We Haven’t Done Anything Yet”
“Steel Sharpens Steel…
” Good Bye Bills ” 11-2

    Paulo Alexandre

    best NFL poem ever.

Patrick Crabtree

He said “Uuh, you count.”


Fire whoever is setting up these press conference videos

Mike Brown

Respect Ravens. Where can I get that fresh Charm City Raven hoodie?

Tommy Lacson

Agree Defense Win this gane👍😁❤good job guys!!

Bodymore Dummy

Y’all was the Hero’s and the Refs was the Villain’s

Brian Burnett

Did everybody see him against the bills? He doing what he’s always done since highschool.

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