John Elway and Vic Fangio meet the media at end-of-season press conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Next season the Broncos will be a force to be reckoned with.

    Yea rite

    Didn’t a lot of people say that when Elway signed Flacco?
    I hope you are right!

    Kev Fitz

    Wild Card

    Jeff Crouch

    @Denver Broncos yeah my wife is a chiefs fan SMH we really need to beat the chiefs at least once next year lol 😂😅 🙈


    Anyone else really appreciate how John is a very transparent and appears in a lot of interviews even though he is a GM? I dont think others do this

    Jerome Schulze


Francis Senyah


CA Sports

Let’s make the playoffs next year and get rid of the bum Flacco

    Mile High 6IX

    @Bronco Nation find a way to get Britton Colquitt back 😭


    @Bronco Nation Colby “Blew His” Wad, Man


    @Mile High 6IX Yep. Booker was a VJ special. We can do much better. Our OL was a big reason why Freeman didn’t do better. He needs a bigger hole to really get going, unlike Lindsay who can turn nothing into something.


    Anyone else really appreciate how John is a very transparent and appears in a lot of interviews even though he is a GM? I dont think others do this

    Andrew M

    @78LedHead Wadman is very inconsistent. Needs to go, with the ST Coach. He’s the ST Coach’s pet project. Get a vet who can boom the ball inside the other team’s 10 yard line, and hit a big, long, floater that gets the coverage team all over the returner. We got a good returner now with Spencer, and a backup, in that other guy they signed a couple weeks ago.


That video of lock rapping to put on by jeezy has gone viral the Lock era has officially begun 😂🔐

    Max Power

    Jeezy posted it on Insta, too!

    T Lujan

    That’s a terrible song tho

    Andrew M

    @Darion Spencer You aren’t even writing legible English, lahooser, lol, smh…

thomas wolday

its soo funny that the rookie is helping the vet…that is how its supposed to work

Mile High 6IX

Broncos fan from Canada 🇨🇦🐴

Brandon Lee Rodriguez

Drew lock is a good quarterback

    Darion Spencer

    Brandon Lee Rodriguez *GREAT

Bronco Nation

Let’s have a good free agency and another great draft, then make the playoffs.

Drea D'lux

Loved Sanders play but, I think he was such a negative force in that locker room this season. Wish him all the best with the Niners.

    Anakin Skywalker

    Drea D’lux cap

    Mikeyboy 7

    Why do you think he was a negative force in the locker room? Just curious

    Drea D'lux

    Obviously I wasn’t there. I can only go on what I’ve read. I love that guy. I would never have wanted him to go. But he asked for the trade. You’ve got Von saying “we want players who want to be Broncos.” You’ve got Elway saying “it’s time to move on” and “he has issues.” Elway also stated there was no room for selfishness in that locker room. Next thing you know Sanders was gone. I can’t be the only one who noticed him storming off the field at that Green Bay game. And was he really hurt in the Tennessee game or was he just throwing another hissy fit? I don’t think much of this would have ever happened if it wasn’t for Flacco and his incompetentness. he had every right to feel the way that he did. But there were a lot of new kids in that locker room who didn’t need to be seeing that type of behavior from a veteran. These are just my observations. I do not want to fight or be attacked by anyone.

    Mikeyboy 7

    @Drea D’lux I didnt know about all that. I only knew about the “living in a world of suck” comment he made. Oh well, atleast sutton is emerging

Mike Williams

Hopefully they bring back Will Parks🤞🏾🙏🏾

    Gavin Sundstrom

    Mike Williams pleaseeeee

    Gavin Sundstrom

    We need him

    Romeo Williams

    That’s my guy man. I get emotional just thinking that he may or may not be here next year.

Eric Miller

I love Elway he’s had a rough patch at qbs but he’s not a bad gm he’s taking us to 2 Super Bowls in his 9 years and it wasn’t just manning our defense that Elway built that won it


    Steven Soco the Broncos always had an awful o line. Manning was just so good at times he made the line look good


    @Steven Soco it’s not his fault Leary and jawaun can’t stay healthy Elway gets way to much BS flack when theres teams that go 20 years without a single playoff appearance let alone a Super Bowl W finding a qb isn’t as easy as people seem to think it is and he’s finally found the one we’ve needed


    Also Elway’s first draft pick ever won us that Super Bowl not Peyton, how many GMs can claim that? First draft pick ever dominated a Super Bowl and got MVP, Cam Newton hasn’t been the same since


    Jack Black The Defense won that 2015 Super Bowl- Broncos QBs had 19 TD’s and 25 Ints and almost led the league in 3 and outs.


    That Defense was epic!

EcoTrack 4

-Say something nice about bolles
John : “He was available ” lol

    big lineman

    @Renzo When did he get a second opinion? If the Broncos truly believed he was that bad, he would’ve been put on IR. The second opinion would’ve been more than enough to convince them to put him in IR. He was wasting a roster spot if he was truly injured.

    He had a history of milking injuries in Miami.


    @big lineman he got a second opinion before the LAC game n y put him on ir for one week? Ww had no one to give the spot to that they trust obviously, n its funny how the broncos were sayin it was mental when we were in the playoff hunt but as soon as we lost to KC the truth came out the following week from his second opinion. Team drs do wats best for the team not the players ie. Washington

    big lineman

    @Renzo I believe that if they put him in IR after Week 7 or 8 he has to be there for the remainder of the season.


    @big lineman exactly and we were still in playoff contention they were tryin to let him heal the mcl so he could come n close out the playoff run but after we were eliminated it was told that his knee was worse then they first said. He was practicin but it kept bucklin


    Anyone else really appreciate how John is a very transparent and appears in a lot of interviews even though he is a GM? I dont think others do this

Kenvado Pratt

Joe flacco is gone 😆😆

    Steven Soco

    Yes, Elway just hoping the could maybe trade him for a 7 round pick give him away to avoid the cap hit. When it’s all over , I doubt anybody will take Joes contract and the Broncos will cut him.

    Señor Lovato

    Water is wet

    Steven Soco

    Señor Lovato tax day is coming


“John, what’s Joe Flacco’s future ?” … #7 cups his hand over the mic, looks confused, and says “Who ?”

    Steven Soco

    inkyblck lmao… so true!



    Str8 Enzo

    And add a dynamic WR

Mile High Truth

“Well I dont see any options right now…” that’s right baby, your are “Locked” in accept it!

    Eric Oakley

    Nice to see K C fan watching Bronco videos!

    Mile High Truth

    @Eric Oakley Chiefs are for quiefs!


Drew Lock probably got us a couple prime time games next year


Cant wait for next season!! I will never forget that “roughing the passer” penalty on Bradley Chubb with 10 seconds left against the Bears.

Les Rosin

We cut Flacco and add 10 mill. to our cap. Makes for a bigger sweeter pie. Next question please.

Damien Colletti Cinema

Considering John Elway said Joe Flacco is in his prime I’m surprised he’s going with Drew Lock next season. I like Lock though and think he’s the key. 🔑🔒

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