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    To be slapped

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Mile High 6IX

Boooooooooooo Joe Ellis your trash you didn’t help us then and you’re hurting us now. 😠

    James Medina

    Elway sucks too

    Todd Smith

    @James Medina How come? Let me ask, if you were in Elways position , do you know for a fact you could do a better job?

    James Medina

    Todd Smith Look at it this way… We are 7-9 and Denver is slated to lose Wolfe, Strap Harris, etc LB core sucks (excluding Von and Chubb). We lack a complement No 2 receiver, no Punter, no good RB after Lindsay.. O-Line sucks but will get better with coach Munchack. Elway has been hit or miss in the drafts. With the opponents coming it is wishful thinking to think we can win the AFC West. What would I do? Well if I was in charge I would invest heavily in the O-Line. James got payed and played 5 snaps. If the O-Line is not vastly improved next year Lock will get busted up. Next LB, CB, DL, Special teamers, maybe be forced into best player available… Slated at 15 last I checked.

    Agent Bruh

    James Medina Alexander Johnson and Todd Davis don’t suck and Elway’s last couple of drafts have been really good

    Kenneth Turner

    Ellis is a tool. Blocked Elway from bringing back the Shannahans. Meanwhile in SF……….

Treron Sinclair

We need a big free agency resign chj cheaper and move him to slot get a freaking o line and 1 speedster receiver and we are set

    Aaron Burke

    He just rejected an offer today for 3 years 36 million from denver

    Nicholas Sugar

    Aaron Burke That was awhile ago! He just got a pay increase for this year he will be elsewhere next year his play was poor this year


    We need more corners so bad

dat nibba prim

I actually like him I’ve never heard him talk

James Freeman

Let’s go Brittany!

Aaron Burke

I truly hope every day britney takes her dad’s place. So sad denver is in shambles behind closed doors. John is doing what he can with what he has left.

J Hockman

Broncos should always wear Orange at home!

    J Landon

    I agree when on the road if the home team wants to wear the lighter colors the Broncos should wear Blue Jersey’s White Pant’s Orange stripe on the pant’s. or all white. Bronco’s colors are blue and orange period! Never change that!


Orange Crush .. not blue, not white ORANGE ORANGE ORANGE …

Travis C. Johnson

She’s going to fire him and Elway when she assumes control..that’s why he’s not in a hurry to bring her along

James Medina

Looking at the opponents next year we be lucky to go 6-10…

James Medina

Lose a home game for London? No 👎🏽

Bobby Vincent

too bad we don’t get 30m of Elway

Genetic Freak

I always thought it was Mr. B’s decision to have Brittany take over. This is just going to get uglier, they might as well sell the team now instead of going through these court fights.

Steve Geeves

You have soooooooo gotta come to London. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!! 🙂 please 🙂

Ed McCaffrey

Colorado sunsets are ORANGE AND BLUE. That are the colors!

Alex Haynes

The Broncos record over the last three years is a direct result of upper management and the complete disarray where the team is. This mess trickles down hill all the way to the players and their performance. Pat Bowlen would be so disappointed with the people running the team that he loved so much.

    J Landon

    The talent has always been there. The problem is 2 head coaches with no head coaching experience. We need to stop hiring these guys. That said i like the play calling in the second half of the season. I’m excited for next year and this staff will have more experience. Only thing i ask from the coaching staff next year…DON’T GET CONSERVATIVE IF YOU HAVE A LEAD! GO FOR THE JUGULAR! I want backups playing in the fourth quarter. PUT THEM AWAY!

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