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2019 Week 17: Seahawks vs 49ers | Seahawks All Access

Seahawks All Access takes you on the field with all the sights and sounds from the Seahawks' Week 17 loss to the San Francisco 49ers at CenturyLink Field.

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An average Male

GGs Seahawks

Im Glad the Rival is back ‼️

Man you just can’t hate on lynch.. I love the energy and encouragement he gives..

    Daryl Talitonu

    What energy??.. dude was winded everytime he ran.. shouldve stayed home and ate skittles..

    An average Male

    Daryl Talitonu to the other running back

randum kid

I feel a beastquake do you


    I felt it in Maryland

    Daryl Talitonu

    It’s just gas..

Marady Mon

Hawks vs. 49ers trilogy

Marshawn Lynch

I just cannot watch this unfortunately lmfao. It just hurts my soul watching this after a loss 😅

    Sander Decuyper

    Hey Marshawn, thanks for inspiring lil’ Homer like that. You’re a national treasure!

    Shannon Ross

    Marshawn I loved watching you in the Super Bowl I have loved the Seahawks for ten years

Nicholas Lippolis

That “see you soon” at the end…be careful what you wish for, man. Next time could be not so good for you 😉


I love Marshawn the mentor. That warms my heart so much. All Access videos are my favorites, even if we don’t “win”.

    Aaron Mullins

    In my eyes we won that game and if we see them again i know we be victorious


Except for the loss…me and my brothers and family were grinning ear to ear to see Mr. Lynch back. So glad the playoffs aren’t over.

    B Tree

    Im glad they havent even started


    @B Tree as soon as my team is eliminated they are over to me.

    B Tree


Minecrafters 2017

0:25 I see myself in the background haha

    Minecrafters 2017

    @Skelly chancellor jersey walking down the stairs


    Minecrafters 2017 oh cool

    Icelo Racing Network

    Minecrafters 2017 that’s so cool

    Superdog 1038

    Your lucky!really cool
    Go Hawks

    Minecrafters 2017

    @Superdog 1038 sad we lost though but could be a good thing cause easier schedule

Max Mtm

I’m happy they show the end of the game 😂

Pablo Cruise

See you again in 3 weeks!!!!

    Michael Soudah

    thats if you beat Wentz at home…

    Savage Danish

    @Michael Soudah that’ll be easy bro

Izzy T.

What BEAST said to Travis… man

fergdaddy _

a joke of a noncall to rival the stolen saints nfc championship last year. a shame to end a great game on complete incompetence from NY

Bentley BallerBoi

Can we stop running a base 4-3 please

    Liquid Swords

    Bentley BallerBoi even with Kendricks out they’re still going to run base 4-3 with a rookie LB 🤦🏻‍♂️

Justsomeguy 17

Feed the Beast Pete, you owe him and us


I dont know what the hell they were doing on that delay of game! They messed up again the oportunitie for lynch to run it and win! 😡😡😡🤬🤬

    Horst Müller

    @H20 Pete explained it during his press conferences.

Anthony Galindo

Marshawn = 🐐


Why do the Seahawks always start off so slow? Going scoreless in the first half definitely hurt them.


    too many times a basic level of aggressiveness is seen as a last resort for this team


Even after they win they come to our channel’s comments to whine lmao

Peter Cullen

Homer played great, and with Marshawn as a mentor he’s just going to get better. To be told by Marshawn that he’s inspiring him must of been an amazing confidence boost.

Liquid Swords

I went in this game thinking the season was over after the Cardinals game. Even though we lost I’m not that down, I actually came out with some hope for a playoff run. New RBs and players filling in for all the injuries and we almost/should of won that game. Lowering my expectations but feeling hopeful.

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