Head Coach Pete Carroll Wild Card Monday Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Head Coach Pete Carroll Wild Card Monday Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talks with the media on Monday during the first week of playoffs at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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Rizzle McDizzle

Let’s get that action baws

Fumi S

Please teach our linebackers and safeties how to tackle. Please! There were so many misstackles and miss-hit by our line backers, cb’s and safeties in the game. We really need Diggs back and have him teach other safeties how to hit people..lol


    They can tackle well im sure they just havent been any good at making tackles at all this year lol.


    Pete wants form tackling to be a focus point. idk why they don’t do it in games 💀


    Fumi S i agree we used to be good tacklers

    Billy Conley

    Fumi S Delano Hill is an awful player. Every time he comes down to hit the guy coming across the middle he whiffs. I don’t care if Blair is less experienced, he hits and makes plays!(like the forced fumble on the one play he played)

    shane nelson

    Yeah diggs will get em all fired up again, hope he plays this week cuz they gonna need a jump start after 9er game

Ling Ling

Marshawn is about dat action boss


    Ling Ling yup


Cant stop watching lynchs plays make the hairs on your arms stand up

    Cameron Myers

    Made me wanna sleep


    flashcarpzombielovershaftbasher. His 2.8 ypc lol


    Yes! 💙🏈💚

Reverend Guitar Man

On to Philly! Beat them and you are right back at the niners. Leave yesterday behind and play on!

    D Lakland

    Or Saints

    Jonathan Abarca

    @D Lakland that’s not possible for next week

    Reverend Guitar Man

    D Lakland could be packers next week, true. But my point is that the real game against the Niners is likely ahead, not behind. Can’t dwell on the near miss. Make up that extra inch next time. Onward and forward!


Hawks need Diggs back!

    D Lakland

    We’ve missed Diggs so much. He’s the biggest roster change for the Hawks this year. Our secondary was trash before he came along.


    D Lakland he is gonna play sunday


    mkellsoo24 he’s playing sunday

    D Lakland

    @Keezy13k yes I know. Thank God man.

Rod Turner

Pete “Moral Victory” Carroll

Gunny Money

Can we PLEASE not keep it close next week?! 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️


    The Eagles play close games every week. This will be a nail biter

Owen Sewell

If only we kick that field goal before half



    Timothy Gathings

    You know !!! Pete has been lacking in his decisions in critical game for his entire tenure with this team in the playoffs or equivalent in 2012 we were a sb team but he wouldn’t take those field goals and he continue to do the same thing over and over when will he learn .

Lucas Mays

We need to get a little better defensively


    They just need to get healthy, it felt like Clowney came back too early, Ziggy isn’t right, really missed Diggs, now Kendrick’s is down and undersized Barton isn’t ready, Griff was 5 yds off of everyone in his area.
    Even if Brown does come back it will feel rushed and the other teams will target his knee all night. It’s been a strange season.

    Mihai Grigoras


    Ryan Staiger

    Skeezix we’re hungry and just barely off from being a true super bowl competitor, there’s a lot of kinks in the armor unfortunately

Kid Buu

at least we get to see beast mode play more right

Mick 04

Guys this is our chance to get beast mode going!

Aniceto Sanchez

How about we change it up in the playoffs and blow out the other teams 🤔

    Mihai Grigoras

    That’d be a change I would definitely welcome lol

Sai M

Pete cmon man, you can’t have a delay of game at the goal line with the game on the line. fix these issues up and you guys can make it to superbowl!

Brian Young

It was a blessing for me to see Lynch in Seattle, talk about a graduation present.

    Ryan Staiger

    Brian Young hopefully will see a win next week for an even better one!


Seems like every game now we lose a starter for the remainder of the season.. and they keep on rolling..


Our rebuilding years are way better under Carrol than most teams get

Yochan Hwang

Come on coach, let’s get the team ready from the getgo starting in the playoffs.

You Been Here Before

48-19 bro I’m calling it right now. I’m excited for it.

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