Joel Bitonio’s Enchiladas | Shopping With a Pro – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Joel Bitonio’s Enchiladas | Shopping With a Pro

Cleveland Browns lineman Joel Bitonio shops for his family's annual holiday dish, Enchiladas, at his local Giant Eagle store.

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Saint Michael

Should have kept Freddie. You don’t give a coach one year. Starts at the top

    Eddy Fernandez

    Nah under qualified… Need someone that knows what there doing..


    The guys in the locker room didn’t want to play for him and I don’t blame them. Who the hell wants to play for a coach that calls a draw on 4th & 9?

    Matthew 2400000

    Yeah but he wasn’t qualified for a head coaching job. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an immediate impact when we start next season with a real coach.

    Saint Michael

    @Matthew 2400000 well shame on haslam and Dorsey. That ain’t fair dude

Jacob Nipp

That sounds good


LMFAO get them gift cards Joel

Brady Catlett

Ya keep my dad!!


Now what


    #TEAM TRUMP i dislike donald trump

cherry bomb

I couldn’t watch without my stumick growling

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