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Sean Perkins


Ronald Burse

Played an insane season

KiidBennett II


Fan Club

Give bill cowherd the big bucks

    Michael Sabo

    Colins Brother?


    @Michael Sabo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Paul Baker


Brandon Pygatt

Lets hopefully look at hidden gems of the league and go that route! Not Media hyped buzz picks

Frank Joseph

O & D lines win games, if we have the money,get Peters ( how old is he ?) Draft Best OT in draft We need a ballhawk free saftey that can tackle

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I like the juice very passionate and hungry love the attitude every other player should feel the same next year. Every good football qb has a bad sophomore year including Brady and Brady went to tear the NFL up ever since. So I exact Mayfield to do the same. He has some growing to do this off season. Forget the partying and all that stuff. Enjoy the new years and any holiday like easter or a birthday is fine. But back to the basics and fundamentals of football. Next year will be test in the AFC as I expect all teams to be fully ready

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Oh and free myles the hitman Garrett πŸ™πŸ™Œ

    Roman Clay

    LoL u silly

    Stop N Watch Entertainment Limited

    @Roman Clay lol πŸ˜‚

Nick Morgan

9:30 Jarvis literally blessed em’

    Copenhagen Bear


Q Horton

“Is surgery a last resort in your mind?” Jesus smh.. last resort in anyone’s mind chief

Stephen Harris

Jarvis is a class act.

Future Selves Past Memories

Freddie wanted to win, he just didn’t know how.

    jake b

    too high of expectations for a first year head coach imo

    Nate Diaz Couldn't Beat a Rattata

    Yeah, i’m sure their next coach will win…keep trying until one sticks….how many years since they made the playoffs?

James Cline

The wr’s have to take a back seat to Nick Chubb.

James Cline

The identity was Nick Chubb run more then you pass.

tim miller

Old Jarvis has all the answers. Look you had a good year is it fair to say freddy got excited in key situations and didnt keep it simple. And is it also fair to say had you played the season in reverse you very well may have made the playoffs. You played 7 of the top 8 defenses the first have of the season with a rookie coach. And is it fair to say Arizona played very well and could be a contender next season. Lastly freddy should have been given another season just my opinion

wheels 899

lmao the title…change the record. metaphorically and literally

shock vet

NICK SABAN – Need I say anymore – EASY FIX HERE and he would come

    Jamie Bigger

    Yeah right.. Are you forgetting the last time Saban was a head coach in the NFL??? Let me remind you he stunk and quit on the team. Saban is a great recruiter and that’s all he is.


His a good team guy I have no faith in anybody in management with Cleveland have losing in Cleveland

tim miller

I love the browns but if baker and the receiver core aren’t at ota I’m gonna be sceptical of their will to win

    Nate Diaz Couldn't Beat a Rattata

    i’d be skeptical

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