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I feel so bad for Chubb


Although the OL couldn’t open up the field for Chubb against the WORST RUSHING DEFENSE IN THE LEAGUE, some of the blame should fall on fatso for only running Nick 13 times and 15 times a few weeks ago.


    chubb against arizona: 17 carries
    chubb against baltimore: 15 carries
    chubb against cincinnati: 13 carries
    it’s like this guy wanted to get fired

Jack Benton

We all feel bad for Nick…it’s absolutely ridiculous that he lost the rushing title in the last game of the season, just like he lost a 1,000 yard rookie campaign (in like 9 total games, don’t forget Hue REFUSED to let Chubb even PLAY until Dorsey forced him by trading away Carlos Hyde) in the final game of last season with a -4 yard run. Chubb will probably be the happiest one to see Freddie get replaced, although he obviously has way too much class to say that. Then again the O-Line DOES deserve some of the blame for Chubb not winning the rushing title…dude was getting hit 4 yards behind the LOS all game long against THE WORST RUN-DEFENDING TEAM IN THE NFL! The O-Line got BADLY abused against the Bungles.

I don’t really care about them losing the game because it got us a top-10 draft pick and winning one more game meant NOTHING, but the focus should’ve been on getting Odell 1,000 yards (which he got), and getting Chubb the rushing title (which he didn’t get). Freddie just seems like he is totally oblivious to EVERYTHING around him…he walked into the building last night after the loss with a smile on his face because he LEGITIMATELY thought that he wasn’t going to get fired after finishing 6-10. Then he walked out of the building with a frown because he was ACTUALLY SHOCKED that he was fired while EVERY OTHER PERSON ON PLANET EARTH could see what was coming. I never actually thought that Freddie lacked self-awareness (even after he got caught with that stupid T-shirt), but that might have been his biggest weakness in reality…dude is totally oblivious to everything going on around him, including the fact that his players QUIT weeks and weeks ago because they wanted to make sure the front office didn’t have ANY choice other than to fire him and bring in a new coach next season.

    BigPoppa Z

    Exactly, everyone including baker damn near called him out and he has the nerve to feel shocked on being fired after getting thrashed by the bungles. Knowing how we’ve been, I’d wager we would have stuck with him if we’d scraped past cincy

    Jack Benton

    @BigPoppa Z I honestly think Freddie was done regardless of what happened against the Bungles, but I think losing 3 straight to finish the season was the final nail in his coffin. I think that if the Browns had won 8 games they probably would’ve kept Freddie around, and that would’ve been VERY BAD. I don’t even mean “bad” because Freddie is a terrible head coach, I mean “bad” because the players quit trying (other than Baker, Hunt, Schobert and MAYBE Nick Chubb) WEEKS ago, and they were CLEARLY sending a message to Dorsey and the Haslams that Freddie MUST be fired. This locker room would’ve been the most dysfunctional dumpster fire IMAGINABLE if Freddie was kept as the head coach next season. The players were DONE with Freddie a LONG time ago.

    Dave Kana

    Jack Benton agreed!

Mike Mcintire

It sucks I wanted him to win the title but I bet he comes out next season even better(YIKES!) due to this snubb. Still almost 1500 yards and 2 1000 yard receivers in a disappointing season gives me true hope for next year. Hopefully they have the head coach to use them right. GO BROWNS! LET 2020 BE OUR YEAR(again…) 😀

tim miller

The problem with Cleveland is the front office. Ever since tim couch they have been afraid to stay the course and freddy should have been given another season but handed over the play calling and given mentoring by former outside leadership

tim miller

Better resign all pro joe and add to the O line. If the pass rush is what I think it is next season will be good

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