Christian Kirksey: We are going to fix the fixable and win in 2020 | Player Sound – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Black RockN 31

The players are next. Play better or get the hell out of C town.

The Goonie

I just wish dude could actually stay healthy

Ohio Biker

Weak,, Always injured,, Does not have NFL toughness. gets drug for yards..There’s more but hopefully he is gone in 2020

    Jack Packin

    Dont disrespect my Bro.


    Ohio Biker bet you wouldn’t even last a practice in the NFL

    Ohio Biker

    @DoggSticc Looks like your bro can’t either

    things happen40

    @Jack Packin these are facts. He’s not all that. Thanks for the Dawg Check chant. See ya….

    Liberty Outdoor Adventures

    We need a leader on defense. A fiery nasty leader. We are missing that guy


Wish you the best dude but you can’t stay on the field it’s time for you to go.


Browns will cut you out kirko

John Adams

I forgot all about him 😂 we need help on defense next year

Ice Cube

Hopefully YOU can stay healthy and not get another injury

Jake Equality

You better find a QB if y’all want to win because that punter y’all have playing QB is not gonna work

Liberty Outdoor Adventures

He won’t be a Brown next season.

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