Baker Mayfield Reflects on Loss to Bengals & Difficult Season | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

He’s giving off some serious bruce wayne vibes.

    The Dude's Clues

    I’ll give you two bakers for a Burrow today.

    Q Horton



    He is not worthy

Greg Idol

They make everything seem so damn difficult on offense. Watch any other team…even the mediocre ones…..guys wide open. Look at Mayfield’s stats again today against a 1-14 team. ‘Losing culture, lack of leadership, poor execution…..’. I have all of the excuses memorized from the last 17 years. Get rid of the coaching staff, improve the o-line and all will be fine. Please bring a real coach who institutes discipline and a culture of winning, and please ask yourself how you let a GM allow a 2nd year QB pick his coach. Freddie was overmatched from day 1. It only proves that money can’t buy intelligence. How the hell did the Haslam’s make their fortune? They certainly don’t know football.


1st time I’ve seen him somber. I’m not used to this from him.

    Cody Chismark

    Hes like this after every loss, all 10 of them

    Stan ezen

    Savage lol

    Steve G

    He has acted like a juvenile all year

    Emilio Pena

    He just realized he sucks

B Great

He better put in some work this off season

    jon mar

    Shed a few pounds.

    Matt M

    “sure thing if by work you mean filming more commercials” – Baker Mayfield

    Saint Michael

    @jon mar okay glad I’m not the only one to notice

    jon mar

    @Saint Michael yeah, He looked chunky all year but tried to rock his uniform extra snug for some reason lol

    Saint Michael

    @jon mar ha lol

Greg Hercik

Go home and take a long look in the mirror.

    Ty Benz

    Greg Hercik bruh😂

    Freyt Mann

    Greg Hercik look in the mirror and say hey I suck 🍆

Blow Me

When you get Freddy the albatross off your neck it’ll be much better after being in Freddys head calling plays it must’ve been a hell

    tywan harrison

    But he told Dorsey he wanted kitchens in that position. He just as much to blame as kitchens fax

    Blow Me

    yeah right how was he your stupid

    James Bond 007

    He has been fired!!!!

    Jake Equality

    @Blow Me He will be on the bench or the in CFL soon

Black RockN 31

Next year please don’t allow the media to over hype you guys so soon. It’s embarrassing 😂

    Vaughn A

    I don’t think the media was too far off. They really should have won the division last year. Browns looked great the second half of the season last year. They became stronger in the off season. Starters looked great in the first 3 games of preseason. Browns should have at least made the playoffs this year. I don’t think anyone could have forecast a complete tank of a season. This season they easily played their best game against the Ravens. I believe that game showed their potential; that version of the Browns was a playoff team. I think Browns got rid of the wrong coach. For what he has, Williams has done great with the Jets defense.

    Michael Fraser

    How can the players control the media hype?


    @Vaughn A LOL last year wins in their second half games were against trash teams. This year they just won against a shaky baltimore defense, then in the second game they get blown up, why? because they’re trash.
    Next year they probably would look like a good team, just because they will face trash and shaky teams, but don’t get too excited, they still are trash. His QB is a bust, their RB are busts as well, and the real problem is their front office.

    Timothy Martin

    @XTMachine1 dumbass troll

Dennis S

His troubles began with him not being able to start the lawnmower

    Matthew Midkiff

    Dennis S lmaooo


    He forgot the straw smh

    Shirley Allen

    @Greg S 🤣🤣🤣

    Sandra Becht


Real Estate Wizard

Put a mic on the reporters so we can hear what the questions are..

    Travis Lamb

    @Freyt Mann wtf no. freddie is the reason this team is so bad. Freddie didnt play to bakers play style. did you even watch the browns this season?

    Onj_bain 1

    Freyt Mann oh i forgot Cleveland was so high class before he came to Cleveland u know like the 0-16 season such high class. This is why u guys are so dumb. All u guys want to go to the super bowl right out of the start which doesn’t happen the man doesn’t even have a good Offense line to back him up

    Timothy Martin

    @Onj_bain 1 go home troll

    Onj_bain 1

    Timothy Martin damn got me I’m hurt

Adam McGuire

His demise this season is obviously a coaching problem all he needs to do is focus more and work harder but with out a good quarterback coach he’s wrecked

    James Cline

    There was no coach pushing them holding accountable. Disciplining them, Williams did that and it showed a better baker.

    Martin Angeles

    Always a next year right Browns fan lol

Joey Torrieri

Why no background looks like he’s in limbo

    Cody Chismark

    Best comment

    Living My Blessed Life

    The background is fitting!! In mourning!! 🤦🏾‍♀️

    Cancel OK

    Dark muted colors. He’s hittin the club tonight.

    Jason Edson

    yeah, looks like

Florida Panhandle Gambler

2020 he better do something or he will be down the road!


Hey Dallas doesn’t have a record to be proud of either. They are going to fire their Coach or just not renew his contract. I think they won one game more than Cleveland and no Criticism of their quarterback. So messed up !

    Duzzit Matter

    Anne – that’s the real team that’s underachieved. Especially in such a crap-tastic division.

    Martin Angeles

    That’s a men who’s broken down

    Joe Cool Berry

    Dallas had talent and they lost to the Eagles’ whole practice squad

Michael Lotenero

Translation im rich and iam going on vacation you however are not and maybe next year you can have the priviledge of rooting for me. Can you tell I’m fricken bitter.

Dan M

This is just bizarre. Looks like someone giving a eulogy.

    Matthew Vazquez

    The sponsors said “nope”.

    Joe Cool Berry

    Matthew Vazquez 😂😂

    Joe Cool Berry

    No more progressive commercials next year that’s for sure

    Bashaan Prewitt

    He dressed like a high school music teacher.

Edward Oorjitham

Hope they draft for the OL and LBs.

    The Drunken Paladin

    I think line backers are doing great tbh. We need safety’s if anything.

    Frank Morin

    But I like randle

    Douglas Hickel

    I’d have no problem if they spent every pick on the o line.

    Edward Oorjitham

    The Drunken Paladin our run defense is pathetic though….

saint jack

He has the look like he needs a couple of scotches look today.

For Kids By Kids


    Rick Zamson

    I think I’ma start making parody press conference vids.

John Quest

I love you Baker, but you where an embarrassment this year!

    Jason C.

    @John Quest, he is a Bust.

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