Jason Tarver on Deion Jones” “He’s very football aware on the field” | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Well good thing we have a football player that is aware of the field LOL

Blaine Turner

I really like this coach. you can tell he enjoys the process and coaching and knowing the intricacies of the job. contrary to belief they have a good staff. need everyone to get on the same page

Kenneth Emery

What… you gave this dude Mic time. Smh, no wonder we stink. This dude is straight delusional. “Fixed” it. Not one player has fixed anything.

    Mickey Lee Bluebird

    Correct, nothing has been fixed! They’re all doing there own thing.

Larry Bedouin

I like to see Jones at WIL … JOK should only come in with sub packages.


Deion Jones, maybe the sort of player we “should have on defense”- So much to fix, so little time! Appreciate his enthusiasm and description of plays and unit. Hope for sure this improves quickly. Get to 4-4 please. Then we’ll see.

Charles Cole

Maybe this guy could replace Woods during the bye week?

James Hood

I would take this man as the defensive coordinator

Dave Imbrigiotta

He will be lonely.

Mickey Lee Bluebird

Well… at least this man sounds like a Coach! Let’s see… current Linebackers are a group of feral untamed wild cats. Deion Jones = (Tom Cat) is being brought in to herd these feral cats together so they can move forward as one group. Got it! Was gonna say maybe they should lay off the cat nip but I won’t. 😾It probably helps!

Dave V

You’re not a good coach and the linebackers can’t do anything right. Typical poor coach leads to a lack of fundamentals. I will say that Andy Berry and Pauly have no player evaluation skills. GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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