Drew Petzing on Brissett and Dobbs “They work together very well” | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
William Anthony

They weren’t doing their jobs when they refused to play Dobbs in the 4th quarter last week!

Mickey Lee Bluebird

Josh Dobbs if you see this, be reassured there are fans that have wanted to see you given an opportunity. We just want what’s best for the team. Also, “Go Vols”. Big game tomorrow Vols vs. Georgia. Noticed how the Volunteer fans still appreciate you a lot. There’s fans that wear orange in Cleveland that appreciate you too. You’re very similar in style of play to Watson. You just need a chance. @ 5:59 I did see Josh take the tablet to Jacoby to talk after one of those interceptions. Ironic, that was brought up.

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