Getsy, Williams, Hightower discuss preparations for MNF at Patriots | Chicago Bears – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ezrq R6

Off topic: Bears having no talent is an poor losers excuse, getsy can find some type of way to scheme guys open instead of players having to get open on their own… I get so sick of the vanilla talk about trying to get better, got dammit run 2 man route concepts

    duke rufus

    Hard to do when the QB struggles and then gets a pass when everybody else gets the blame

    Bernard Varner

    Getsy can’t coach period

Çŏsa ŊosŧЯǺ

I’m curious how they plan to lose this time.

    Tiff Tiff

    Exactly!!!! Gosh I’m still upset from last Thursday. Watch, the Bears never fail us, they’ll come up with creative ways to lose each game 🤬🤬🤬🤬

Juan Ocampo

Interesting fact: When the bears lose this monday, Bill Belichek will have more wins than Papa Bear in all time records

    Tiff Tiff

    The Bears ownership accept and determine to be #32 among the NFL, they’re in comfort zone

Phillip Williams

Start aggressive finish in the RedZone defensively dominate the trench and take the ball away on the back end

Captain1 Jones

What I don’t understand is that we have so many big and fast receivers and multiple tight ends but for some reason they don’t play much. Same with the full back. I thought we would be seeing more I formation/two tight end sets in red zone in short yardage. Also Jones was drafted because of his ability to get big yards on short passes. I know Fields can sometimes struggle but I really thought the receivers were acquired because they fit Getsy’s system.

Charles Presley

New England will run the ball bears weaknesses

Lamonte Ligon

If I see Sam mustiper out there Monday I’m not taking this coaching staff serious anymore.

Vincent Bernal

I pray that Jenkins, Schofield, and Patrick in the interior are 100 percent by Monday.
I also hope Reiff Leatherwood and Dieter all are ready for Monday.


Blame your TE if you’re gonna bone fields for “missing a throw” that bum walked sideways for a touch pass. Dilfer explained it perfectly.

Vincent Bernal

If there is competition for punt returner, can there be competition for left tackle and right tackle as well?
No way in hell is Braxton Jones the undisputed best left tackle for this team, the same with Borom.


I LOVE Hightower as a coach, you can tell he’s a players coach

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