James Conner on loss to Jets & injury, Paxton Lynch: ‘I’ve been preparing” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Damon Gibson

I feel bad for James. Man can’t stay healthy. Also paxton looks like a cool substitute teacher

    B S

    Damon Gibson people going off on him need to remember his recovery from cancer, it weakens your entire body

    Damon Gibson

    B S I know. I’m not stupid. It sucks though. I want to see him healthy. Let alone play I want him to be healthy and happy first and foremost

    Craig featherstone



Please play lynch. Even if
Steelers make the playoffs, they ain’t going deep at all.

Play lynch and see what he has got. Can’t be worse Hodges or Rudolph


    hockeycub19 we just signed it berrit to our practice squad

Willie Mearis

Good video Merry Christmas go Steelers

Noe Aguilar Jr

No energy. Smh, regardless of injury and position these athletes are responsible for TEAM morale. Conner can’t stay game healthy, Juju is an emotional wreck, Hodges left his nuts in Cleveland, Mason has confidence but is not tough. Call it a season and rebuild, starting with the coaching staff.

Rogelio Sanchez

Este corredor es un verdadero fraude , hasta con el puro aire de lastima, como se extraña a bell, pobre equipo sin ofensiva están totalmente muertos, lastima de defensiva t de t.j. watts .

    Daniel Garcia

    Es urgente un coordinador ofensivo con imaginación, el que tenemos es de liga Pop Warner 😕

Seek light not darkness

We need to trade for a QB who can bring stability Big Ben is in decline we need to set ourselves up for the future Mason and duck are not what we thought they were too inconsistent #steelernation

Rogelio Sanchez

Se necesita otro QB de urgencia, es hora de poner a paxton lynch, ya no hay nada que perder, los otros dos son un fracaso total

Daniel Garcia

The crystal man! 😱

Erik Ortega

He is a weak cant even play one full game wat a puss no cap

Huey Leon


Freddie's Kitchen

Paxton should get 1st team reps and start. No question. He should have been ready to come into the game vs. the Jets. The Steelers will go nowhere with Duck in the playoffs (if they make it) anyway.



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