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Christian N


Luke Malmstrom

First and go giants

Yariel Valdez

Saquon is a 🐐

Aaron Dandurand

Darius Slayton had a monstrous rookie season. Hopeful to see what he can produce next year!


    Odell Who?

    Aaron Dandurand


    kenny Joseph



Boetchers gotta go


I’m excited for the future of the NY Giants!


We need Isaiah Simmons or Okudah

    Lucas Martinez

    I think Baker was drafted to be a #1, so I’d like to give him another year to maybe grow into that. The rest of the secondary is very young. I’d rather get a quality corner in free agency and save our picks for more immediate needs like passrushers, tackles, and centers. I could live with a day 3 corner pick, but that’s it.


    @Lucas Martinez

    Corner is a bigger need than pass rusher….we can resign Leonard Williams and Markus Golden….any Pass rusher (other than Chase Young) at 4 would be a reach….

    Corner is a huge need….teams start 2 CBs, our secondary was our worst unit this year

    There are no centers worth taking at 4 and Wirfs would be a reach at 4 as well…

    Okudah would be BPA and fill our 2nd or 3rd biggest need

    Lucas Martinez

    No guarantee any player we draft will turn out good. I’m sure Okudah’s great, but how much of a reach would it be to draft someone like Simmons for example? I hear he’s great too. And how much of a drop off is there from Andrew Thomas to Wirfs? I hear those two are at a comparable level. And we need a better center then Halapio and Pulley. Beal hasn’t had a full season yet and he’s flashed a few times in the games he’s player. I’d be fine with starting Baker and Beal next year and getting a quality slot corner in free agency. Get rid of Bettcher though. He hasn’t really done a good job using these corners to full effect. Too much zone defense for guys who are better in man. Get a better defensive coordinator and develop the young guys we have.


    @Lucas Martinez

    Beal hasnt flashed at all, you cannot count on him as a starter, he has shown nothing

    Wirfs would be a reach at 4, im not sure he even goes in the top 10….

    Simmons would be fine at 4 but CB is generally considered a more valuable position than LB and is probably a greater need


    Murray from Oklahoma is very good, great instincts

Gerald Deus

And y’all was clowning the giants for taking DJ. He’s def a franchise quarterback. He can only get better.


    @Garett Gagan

    Ok boomer

    Cookie Monster

    DabCityBitch then 17th


    @Cookie Monster

    Wrong! He wouldnt be there at 17 either

    Keith Westford

    @Cookie Monster The Pats would have taken him in the first round.
    There is a video on YouTube where Bill Belichick is talking about DJ before the Giants drafted him. The Pats invited DJ twice to come to their camp. The first meeting lasted 4 hours. DJ wowed the coaches with his knowledge of the Duke playbook.
    The second meeting was cut short after 2 hours. The Giants called and Danny left abruptly.
    Bill seemed surprised that DJ would cut short his visit just because the Giants called. He Bill figured that DJ had something going on with the Giants.

    If Bill leaves the Pats this season look for him to come back to the Giants. Look for him to keep Gettleman. Gettleman is a good evaluator of talent.

    Brian Stevens II

    @Craig Brock26 I agree with that statement. …but honestly they didn’t NEED a quarterback. They had a NEED for a few other key positions that could have been addressed…my opinion. Eli Manning can still play at a high level…WHEN PROTECTED ADEQUATELY…like any other QB.


I’ve seen this a few times already and I keep noticing Landon Collins completely missing his assignments and blowing coverage!!

    Lucas Martinez

    Let’s be glad Gettleman let him walk.

    Stiltmans Stilt

    No kidding . I said a million times , Landon hadn’t been 2016 version Landon since . Giants did great getting Jabril Peppers, a young ascending strong safety and letting Collins go to greener pastures . Also Peppers cheaper . That core giants crew from 2015-2018needed to go.

    Astro james

    Lol he hit the wrong gap on Barkleys long run smh

    Red Rooster

    Redskins threw that game. Smartly.

Manhattan Island

i don’t care its just good to see a win

    Kenji Mapes

    Manhattan Island Hell yeah Forget tanking and losing for draft position You cant control draft position and teams never kmow what college players will declare or what happens during the combine, pro days, etc that shake up the draft. It is important for this young Giants team to keep working, fighting and tasting victory for the future.

Wilhelm Heinzerling

Bethea needs to retire

    kenny Joseph

    He still has it he is just a box safety that can’t cover

    Brian Stevens II

    I concur …Jesus he’s old and slow.


Lol “hi mom”

NYGEEZ State of Mind

It’s good to see Saquon catch real passes instead of check downs

Jayson Williams

Yeah enjoy these wins schurmer. You gone after this season

Kaden Faught

Cmon man we want chase young

Amazing Guy

#DannyDimes for ROTY! #GiantsPride

Amazing Guy

Let’s eliminate the Shitguls next week!

Meme Miester

The nfl should have a lottery! That would stop anyone from fully tanking cuz they wouldn’t for sure get the 1st pick.

CodeName PizzaJr

“We gone win this game cause of us” lmao y’all almost lost us the game

ThatOneGuy 123


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