“There’s still a chance (to make the playoffs)” – Recapping the loss to the Jets, playoff scenarios – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

“There’s still a chance (to make the playoffs)” – Recapping the loss to the Jets, playoff scenarios

Tunch Ilkin, Arthur Moats, Missi Matthews, and Mike Prisuta break down the Steelers loss to the Jets, talk about playoff scenarios, and head to the time capsule.

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Frisco Petrela

Pathetic, now I have to wait a whole other year

Mikes World

You need to get off the kick of the Steelers making it to the playoffs. They have a high school offense coordinator and players

Dylan W26

They aren’t making the playoffs but I think it was a successful year anyway. Going 8-8 at least with everything that happened.

    RHEC Bear

    Mediocrity it’s the Tomlin forte….the standard is the standard huh.

    Malik ElcoSS454

    DylanW26; Can’t give up I’ve seen teams with 7-9 record go to NFL players in past seasons things may workout in Steelers favor.

Real Nurse Alice

That’s our Steelers… never too late to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory 🙄😲

Joeschmoe Dontjaknow

I still cant believe they lost to the jets. Why is it that our qbs play their best football coming straight off the bench? Yes I have a question. Doesnt that seem odd to you that our qbs play their best football coming straight off the bench? I wonder why that statistically factually absolutely true pattern is. It looks to me like steelers are as good as letting qbs develop as they are letting cornerbacks develop. Course with zero running game I guess its alot to put on any qb. But still. Why do they do their best coming off the bench?

    Damien Perry

    That’s because defenses haven’t game planed for them


    No pressure

    Charles Stevens

    Because there is no pressure, but when expectations take root, its a different game ! See ,now they have film on you. A Pro must reinvent himself from week to week or he will get his confidence taken from him, Duck should run more.Stop playing to prove but play to win !!!!

    Malik ElcoSS454

    I thought they won Sundays game.

Terry Breedlove

What have we learned this year. Well the defense looks great we need some work with the running game and we need the big guy back at QB. Whatever happens with the Play Off picture I am very optimistic for next year. I would like to get a different offensive coordinator however.

D Baus

The receivers need to come back for the ball’s in Baltimore…unless Duck puts some arm into it. Good luck boys!

Darryl Taylor

Steelers play-off run started when they were 1-4…ironically they made it, then lost it when the play-offs arrived…

Zen Masta

Next year the Steelers will go deep and possibly Superbowl bound but this year the offense is a complete work in progress. Just when you think its going to get better from week to week the offense actually regresses which I can’t explain why other than injuries and availability of players. I haven’t seen Ju Ju or Conner have a solid series of games all season long. I think the way James Conner plays he is always going to be injured..

    Malik ElcoSS454

    Agree with Mason as starting QB when healthy.

Charles Stevens

WE DONT DESERVE to go to the playoffs to sit in the stands and watch the playoffs !!!!! I have to go to work and hear about this, and every year I end up just depressed ! I remember the year with the Jaguars, and I am so tired, we need a better halfback cause Connor cant stay healthy with the style runner he is in the pros, thats just a fact and we better find a Quarterback reaaaaaallllll soon or the “D” is gonna be our “O” and we are gonna suffer for years.

Dane Bednar

Cmon Steelers we believe 😢

Octavio Bustillos

Black and yellow all the way🤙. No matter if we win or lose. But realistically speaking we aren’t going to make it to the playoffs. And it kind of sucks that we have to depend on other teams losing in order to get in the playoffs👍


    It dont matter anyway. We dont have a qb and a banged up offence. We might as well look to next season.

    Octavio Bustillos

    @MotoPaisano I couldn’t have said it better.

J Wolf

Simple problems to understand:
1) Not enough offense;
2) Too many turnovers.

    Marcos Cabezola jr.

    Mainly because of that trash OC and no real quarterback.


They can make it

JLA Media

Randy Fitchner needs to go guys brutal OC

James Jones

Chances are slim and none

Brian Taylor

I wasn’t expecting a whole lot out of this season either way and am proud of what we have accomplished win or loss next sunday.

SteelersGoingFor 7

Soooo Exicited!!
For next year!!

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