Jacksonville Jaguars vs Atlanta Falcons Week 16 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Hasnat Safder

i was the first one to view this video.

    Sir Uppercrust III

    you don’t have proof of this

    Oliver McCall

    I don’t believe you.

    Hasnat Safder

    hahaha i was thinking who else will watch jags vs falcons preview :p

    Aniekeme Udoko

    @Hasnat Safder got em

Damian Avalos

I was the first one to view this video



Silent butt deadly


Jeffery Robertson

Atlanta Falcons beat Stupid Jags 42 – 10 Atlanta Falcons was member NFC West Division from 1970 through 1993 era and Jacksonville don’t have any NFL team

    Joe Burrow Highlights

    Jeffery Robertson what are you talking about? Lmao


    Falcons are garbage though they couldn’t even win a super bowl with a huge lead and have always disappointed their fans.

    Jeffery Robertson

    Joe Burrow Highlights my favorite NFL team from the early 90s Atlanta Falcons Dallas Cowboys Houston Oilers Los Angeles Raiders and Los Angeles Rams

    Aniekeme Udoko

    @Jeffery Robertson NFC WEST

Evil Dax

Falcons will win. Don’t @ me

    Julio Jones ひ

    Lol all of a sudden everyone got us winning

ThatOneGuy 123

Jags win easily 36-23

    Julio Jones ひ

    Jags ain’t putting up 30 ur smoking if 49ers didn’t put up 30 a team who Harley beat the raiders ain’t putting up 30.

    Fabian Ramirez

    No way

Sean Bozeman

Falcons 26
Jags 23


Jags win, close out the year 3-0

    Fabian Ramirez


Jay Stiles

The dirty birds wins pretty good 30-16

Ella & Max Perez

JAG 9 ATL 28

Cameron Briglin

Jaguars win 14-10

zmon 8426

Falcons win 38-13

Logan Earp

I’m a Jags fan but I want to lose the last two for draft position. We’re gonna get killed by Julio but our pass rush is gonna get to Ryan with such a bad O line. Jags win 28-21

    Lol Lel

    Logan Earp we had a good pass rush defense last game imo

    Lol Lel

    But y’all got a good d line so I’m not going to doubt

Hunter Davis

Falcons 30 jagaurs 10

Aniekeme Udoko

Rise Up

Aniekeme Udoko

he jags fan your shoes untided ? got em

shawn bopko

falcons will crush min shew

shawn bopko

falcons will crush min shew

Fabian Ramirez

Falcons win 34-17

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