Carolina Panthers vs Indianapolis Colts Week 16 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Carolina should just tank and get the 8 or 9th 1 rd pick

Sam Andritz

Battle of the two teams that just utterly collapsed this season

Finley Jeanbatiste

Im looking foward to see what grier can do hopefully he’ll do better than Kyle Allen was

Cameron Briglin

Colts win 20-13

ThatOneGuy 123

Tough game to predict. I’ll go with the Colts 20-14

    Stan ezen

    It really is lol

Sean Bozeman

Panthers 27
Colts 14

    Stan ezen

    It could go either way lol

    I got colts 24-15

Jay Stiles

Panthers got this game 27-17

    Stan ezen

    Colts win 24-15

Ella & Max Perez

CAR 25 IND 30

Stan ezen

The panthers have lost their franchise QB, their head coach and their chance of a playoff not to mention a crippling 6 game losing streak(2+ at home). Colts just got blown out by saints Monday night. Both teams will not make postseason. Who wins?….

Colts: 24✔️

Panthers: 15[]

zmon 8426

Colts win 24-10

Stan ezen


K.Allen[23/35, 237yds, 2 INTs]
Brissett(24/31, 218yds,1INT}

*Mack will have 13-18 carries, btw 76-96 rush yards and at least one TD*

Receiver of the Game: Pascal, with 104 receiving yards and 1 TD

Colts finish 8-8, Panthers finish 5-11

Hunter Davis

Colts 28 panthers 17

Brayton Nicholas

As a Colts fan I am rooting for the Panthers let’s go Grier


I wonder will the media will stop spreading the narrative that Jacoby Brissett is a good QB. He’s terrible

Blackthorn 461

Both of these teams had a promising start to the season then just randomly fell apart.

Fabian Ramirez

Panthers win 31-19

hi I'm a potato

Despite what has happened to the Panthers, I think they got this one

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