Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks Week 16 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Joe Dirt

Go Cards!!!

GGC Cinder

My Hawks about to be 12-3

Larry Legend is a GOAT

The cardinals have a history of spoiling Seattle’s playoff position in century link late in the season. We’ll see what happens

    A Fucking Bird

    @Julien Yahara They are good, this is coming from a Hawks fan.

    Duane Johnson

    Even we do lose, it’s still gonna come down to week 17 whoever wins that gets the division


    @Rated – last year was a 3 point game with a worse cardinals team and Josh Rosen at qb it could be close

    Rated -

    ramonmonch and against a worse Seahawks team but it’s still gonna be a close game because they’re division rivals.

    ᴇɴᴅᴇʀ -

    @Duane Johnson unless if the Rams can beat the 49ers

Marc Amico

Not underestimating this game,either. In 2013,Cards handled Seattle’s only loss at Qwest/Century link. To be honest,wk 17 is the fateful game that’ll determine seedings. Let’s get homefield advantage,Seahawks like we did in ’05 (it was completely safe being a Seahawks fan under Mike Holmgren, Hasselbeck,Alexander,Lofa,,Trufant,Jones,D-Jack),’13 & ’14.


Swear if it becomes one of those weird Cardinals vs Seahawks game where it ends in a 3-3 or 6-6 tie i swear to God. #RedSea

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    That ending still perplexes me to this day

    yolo yeet

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT I smashed my TV and the end of that 6-6 tie game


    Larry Legend is a GOAT That game was such a defensive battle, but damn, a TD or two please? So infuriating haha


Excellent breakdown.

ThatOneGuy 123

Cardinals did not disappoint last week. Good stuff AZ but I gotta go Seattle 32-27

Sean Bozeman

Seahawks 30
Cardinals 17


    Cards are my number one team, but that’s a realistic score lol.

james quinones

I want Cardinals to win the way Murray is playing.

A Fucking Bird

Cardinals always give us a good game, but I got Seattle winning this one. I actually have Seattle winning out and clinching the one seed. GoHawks!💙💚

    ed hanes

    I got the seahawks winning the superbowl, Russel Wilson being elected President and Pete Carroll starting his own religion..(I will settle for the first one)

inffected 0

Cards vs Seahawks games have a history of being weird so im gonna say the cards actually have a chance of winning this one, not a huge chance, but definitely more than what the records would have you believe

Shortest SB Champion QB

Our defense is injured to hell so it’ll probably be a close game but we’ll still win
31-34 Seahawks

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    Hey if we can keep it that close with the hawks in Seattle I’ll be happy


    Shortest SB Champion QB I don’t know why, but I have a bad feeling about this game being a last second win or a loss. I hope I’m wrong on the latter. The Cardinals played well last week (I know it was the Browns) and they always play them well in Seattle.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @GamingMorron the cardinals always play Seattle tough in century link. It’s a pretty underrated rivalry


    Larry Legend is a GOAT Even in losses, there were quality games you couldn’t not enjoy

    Shortest SB Champion QB

    @GamingMorron Yeah the Cardinals are way better than their record indicates. They have a great offense. Having Diggs, Wagner, and Clowney injured doesn’t help either

Cory Lee

Seahawks will score 45 in the first half and nothing more. Cardinals won’t score anything until the last 8 minutes. Hawks 45 – Cardinals 44


    Imagine lmao

    Shanna Smith


Daniel Tayong

Seahawks 31

Cardinals 24


Expect Russell to have a 3 touchdown gamd

George Ferrera

Seahawks 28-7 by the end of the third quarter before they head out. Total score 31-27 Seattle

cedric williams

LETS GO 12-3 HAWKS!!!!💙💚💙💚


24-24 tie with a missed field goal to win it but stays a tie

Donzel Hawkins

31 to 17 Seattle


Favorite division rivals, you already know the game is gonna be good when these two meet in seattle…good luck seahawks let’s have a good game 🤝 just please don’t let the 49ers win the division

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