“It’s the next man up mentality”: Terrell & Trey Edmunds on matchup with brother, Bills game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

“It’s the next man up mentality”: Terrell & Trey Edmunds on matchup with brother, Bills game

Missi Matthews sits down with Terrell and Trey Edmunds to speak about the upcoming matchup with the Bills, being on the field at the same time as their brother, Tremaine Edmunds, the Bills defense and more.

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Steelers Ended It

    pedro pedro

    It’s dead already

    Zechariah Barajas

    YeetMaster finished*.

    Are you dumb bro?

    Finished what?

Mansa GOGO

Lest go yinzer nation get this dub!

    Jacob Gonzalez

    Mansa GOGO what’s a yinzer ?

    Mansa GOGO

    Bruh u from the birch

    Mansa GOGO


Dwight Schrute


    a b

    That’s pretty high wow. I’m betting a 14-10 win.

    Daniel Garcia

    12-10 Pittsburgh


    I think you’re right on it being a higher score game than most people are thinking. Both D will probably give the offenses some good field positions and both offenses are kinda capable with Josh Allen and Connor coming back for us.

becky gould

A dear friend who was the world’s most die-hard Steelers fan passed away on December 2 at the age of 53. Please win another ring for her !

    Davio Coury

    @becky gould sorry for your loss. She is in a better place 🙏

    Steelers Territory Louisiana Purchase

    Bless her and hopefully Steelers Nation wins a SuperBowl for her and fans all over the world

Lauren Land

Humble men from Danville , Va so grateful to have young men setting a good example for youth


    Not going to lie I hated them when they were all torching up WVU like 2 years ago lol but they really are fantastic guys.

Justin Yang

Woooo!!! Black&yellow all day!!!

    mario lombard

    Gold. It’s black and gold my friend

a b

Trey looks buff as hell😂


    brooo thats what im saying

    Maurice King

    He don’t play

a b

Can Terrel play like the first round pick he’s supposed to be.

    OsoArrogant 1


    Marc Stratiff

    He playing like a second rounder give it one more year


    To be fair, he was rated as a 3rd round pick and the Steelers reached for him.

    Morgan Weazy

    B patient it took troy a few seasons to develop

    Daevon Hamilton

    Next season will be his breakout


5 star matchup cuz we in it. Here we go!!!

M’aiq the Liar

Steelers win 17-10

Lou V44

Steelers 17 Bills 10

Adamack Beats

First time in NFL history 3 brothers will be competing in the same game

    Batgirl P

    First time In 92yrs.


They don’t look like Brothers but definitely sound like Brothers!!


I did not know that their dad was an NFL player too

    Kayla Woodward

    coopboulton and their mom is a track star, they said that she is actually the fastest in the family… serious grade A breeding in that family 😂

James Jones

Hell yeah go Steelers

Glenn Boggs

My man look like a jacked up steve urkel

courtney parrish

My cousin Kam kelly play on this team


Where lucky it’s at home


Life is like a hurricane, here in Duckburgh!

Scuba Steve-O

The last question and answers made me feel comfortable being a Steeler fan. It’s a franchise thing and to be honest, AB and Leveon never appreciated the organization and look at them both now…

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