Conner speaks about injury, Pouncey named a nominee for Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Conner speaks about injury, Pouncey named a nominee for Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year

Missi Matthews provides an update on player injuries, breaks down what James Conner and Jaylen Samuels said in their media sessions, talks about Maurkice Pouncey on being named a nominee for the Walter Payton Man of the Year award and more.

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Animating Dog856

He deserves that reward good for him!

Zechariah Barajas

Defending his QB should not get in Pouncey’s way of winning the Walter Payton award 🖤💛

    David Janowski

    I have a sneaking suspicion that protecting his QB may have played a part in him getting nominated.

Willie Mearis

Good go Steelers beat the Buffalo Bills and go 🦆 Hopefully we don’t win with him when I spoke victory victory


Congrats to Pouncey!

Dominick Angelo

Lol juju is still on limited practice but he’s out playing hockey.🤦🏻‍♂️

    Lance M. Zeigler

    Yeah… I have to admit that being on skates with a knee injury that’s kept you out multiple games looks bad.

P.J. Snow

Hope J. Conner can stay healthy for the remainder of the season.

    Nic Salerno

    P.J. Snow lets hope he can stay healthy for one game first k.

    steeleru7 Burgh

    @Nic Salerno 😂😅😂😅


    You mean glassman


    @Nic Salerno right!

See it my way 1

Congratulations Pouncey for your nomination! That’s awesome the three brothers are going to play in the same game. Go Steelers!

Andres Ross A.

Missi is HOT!

    Andres Ross A.

    @Zach Pisciotta she looks sexier in steeler gear 😌


    You need to put the pipe down bro


    U weird bro

    Andres Ross A.

    @NeoNSlayer so what
    That’s my taste , dont no one gotta agree with it


    Andres Ross A. Jus sayin kinda gay


Pitt nation like this or ur a bulls game

SCP 1715

Pouncey getting nominated for the award even after he tried to kill Myles Garrett is an accomplishment

    BC786 YT

    he was defending his team mate tho


Juju really letting us down this year

    Lane Northcutt

    No. He is letting you down. I’m good with JuJu. And Conners

    Steven Enno

    Why the hell you hating on the humblest youngin on the team

    Lance M. Zeigler

    JuJu didn’t choose to be injured.


Could they have a frumpier looking host? Missi just doesn’t do it for me

    Nigel Thornberry

    They didn’t choose her based on her looks, they chose her based on her ability to do the job. She’s not there for your sexual pleasure.


    😁I feel you on that she’s not the sexiest BUT looks and ability to do the job is a whole other thing you can have Molly from FT and be horrible as host /interviewer .

kevin rivera

Let’s get this W PS4L


Juju and Conner coming back and playing at hienz field on Sunday night.

We should be def be able to win.

I predict 24-21


    hockeycub19 I’m concerned they won’t be ready. The team can win without them.

Lance M. Zeigler

Samuels didn’t mention K.Whyte….

John Peverill

Don’t forget Trey Edmunds and K White. They’ve contributed to the success of the team. Congrats Maurice you deserve the nomination.


Give Pouncey the Award for kicking the crap out of that Brownie.


That’s great for Pouncey, but Odell Bechkam has been nominated for Messengil’s Man of the Year for three years straight. Beat that.

Batgirl P

I like how the Steelers seem confident, not scared.


James Connor is going to shatter like glass then will put Snell and Whyte back in. Going to be rusty for the Bills game and we cannot afford it. Hopefully I am wrong and will eat crow.

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