Riley Dixon talks New Contract & Performance of the Special Teams Group – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Really? I mean I love riley dixon but we cant interview anyone else? Is this how bad of a year we had? This is embarrassing. Also by no means has there been a good kicking game at all. SMH

    Nick Bronson

    It’s mainly because he just got an extension, and he’s talking about since the LS change which Rosas hasn’t missed a kick since then


    @Nick Bronson alright

Tom Galanius

MVP of the league! (Most Valuable Punter)


Wow 45 views, 2 comments, thought there would be more

Tim Deli


Eric Kyi

Keep playing well Dixon. Love your punts. A new contract for you with the Giants would be awesome! Go big blue!!!

    Nick Bronson

    He got a new contract last week, 3 more years with him!

Collinator 12345

I wish Madden liked Riley Dixon as much as the Giants do…

    Theodore Moundo

    Collinator 12345 he gas a 92 card in madden now

Colin Stapleton

Dixon for Pro Bowl

bob bib

this is how bad My giants are we are talking to the special teams . oof

Theodore Moundo



    Genius Of All Teams

ThatOneGuy 123

This is sad.

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