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Josephine hall

I’m first


    bro no one cares

    Josephine hall

    That don’t make me not to care i don’t care if you care or not😄🙄

Sir Alfee

Go pats

Josephine hall

You guys are my favorite team patriots will win the championship super bowl


    Wrong! 😂

    Josephine hall


    Steve Ark


    Thanos Etsitty

    1,000,000% agree.

Ben Herndz

Patriots will go all the way i have faith in them titans will go home and rest be with there families while england still on going 17-0 first half GO PATRIOTS

    Abraham Garay

    That’s the spirit man🔥🔥

    Ben Herndz

    @Abraham Garay yup 👊 GO PATRIOTS GO I HAVE MY GEAR ON

Don Johnson

They’ll probably win today and then lose at KC or Baltimore. Run will be over.

    Travis Hill

    Don Johnson it’s not over till it’s over.


    Daytonnie Mcclain The Ravens haven’t been in the NFL for been 30 years and are already on pass for three Super Bowls, that’s better than any NFL team.

    Travis Hill

    icebur91 chill dude you act like y’all have already won the super bowl.


    Travis Hill No I’m not but the Ravens are on their way to winning the SB, I give them the best chance, I’m very calm sir,


    Travis Hill I think the Patriots will beat the Titans honestly, I think your trans defense is going to step up.

Calvin Nelms

Stop derek henry on the run

    Antwan Nelson

    Yes indeed. Patriots match up well with them receivers. Just stop henry

Ivan Denike

Control the clock, keep Henry off the field.


Belichick- “We gotta make this quick. I’ve got all that Spy Cam footage to go through. We got a new radio frequency jammer to figure out, as well.” All that espionage is cheating, and there is an asterisk next to the Patriots accomplishments, all of them.

    jesus Barraza

    @Proven would you please tell me where the asterisks are located? Some years ago I went to Patriot Place and I didn’t see any.

    Christopher Law

    @barraza Same, must be a myth🤷🏽‍♂️. Haters reach for anything

    jesus Barraza

    @Christopher Law yeah, nothing worse than an ignorant troll.


    Sureee you prob salty cuss the pats are better then your team.


    Pass me the salt 😂


Let’s do this pats

Jeff Hall


Peter Caruso

If anyone wants the Pats D to get the job done tonight. If your going to the game just make lots of noise when it’s 3rd down and boo Henry and Tannehill loudly.

Roy Johnson III

Hopefully Brady gets the protection he needs and other options besides Edelman can win their one on ones


    Believe in Harry. If they can get him targets it will open the offense

    Roy Johnson III

    @AJ453500 I do but not just him talking about Sanu, Dorsett, Myers, and the TE’s.

Ron Alexander

Stephane Gilmore is going to have to cover brown

    Thanos Etsitty

    And that he will do.

The Dynasty Continues

Than god Zo is back

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