2019 Playoffs: How We Got Here | New England Patriots – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

2019 Playoffs: How We Got Here | New England Patriots

Highlights, sights, and sounds from the Patriots 2019 regular season as they head into the wild card game against the Tennessee Titans tonight.

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RoZe Moab

Earned not given

Eleanor LaChance

when it says 1 minute: o wow

Assaf Mizrahi

lets fudgin goooo boys

    Rishil Kadakia

    @Aviv Mizrahi Chill

Angel Ramon

It’s game day LETS GO BOYZ

SweetHeartFox OwO

LFG, Its The Playoffs! Let’s win this Game Tonight!!!!! #6Rings #EarnedNotGiven #GoPats


Tom Brady won’t be leaving or retiring anytime soon he’s staying with the patriots

    Person Man

    *knocks on wood*


    @kkujaksmash yea but like u don’t know that for sure

    Steve Allen

    This team is gonna be a contender again next year. Harry and Meyers will be alot tighter with the game plans

    Steve Allen

    Knowbody knows for sure if tonite is the last home game this year. The Patriots can win tonite and go beat KC and if the Bills or Titans upset the Ravens Then the AFC championship comes back to Foxboro. Nobody even thinks about that. You better bet the Patriots have it in the back of their mind tonite!!! Buffalo took the Ravens to the wire already once this year.


    @Steve Allen I’m just saying nobody on planet Earth knows Brady’s future, speculation doesn’t mean anything.

basketballplayer101 02

We gotta go earn it.❤

    SJP Gaming

    basketballplayer101 02 warriors fan and a patriots fan. Smh.🤔🤔🤔

    basketballplayer101 02

    @SJP Gaming Who cares I can like who I want


    I’m surprised that your not a bucks fan rn

    basketballplayer101 02

    @EliteBeastNation no I’m loyal to my teams even if their doing bad. Idc


Let’s Go Patriots 💪 💪 we still here

Judilyn Travis

Thank you Mr Kraft

Anaiyah Johnson

Shouldn’t it be 2019 instead of 2018 🤔


Let’s GO!


Still Here! LFG

Officialj0nn YT


Nithin Prabhu

Our defense is really good, and our offense is decent to good, we got this game and making it to the superbowl

Shawn Sanders


Lashunda Smith

I feel like its the SB im so anxious😎😎

    leo s

    i know right !!


Pats gonna Repeat Lets Gooo


Patriots defense hasnt been the same since that ravens loss


Let’s go

Disco Liberation Movement

Let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Pats are gonna win tonight, I can feel it.

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