Patriots All Access Wild Card Addition: Patriots Prep for Titans – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Patriots All Access Wild Card Addition: Patriots Prep for Titans

In this edition of Patriots All Access presented by GEICO, as the team prepares to face the Titans in the Wild Card round, take a look back at the Patriots journey to the playoffs. In addition, Steve Burton sits down with defensive lineman Lawrence Guy and Bill Belichick breaks down Tennessee on the Belestrator. All that and more on this episode of All Access.

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King Mekhi

The Patriots are my favorite team.

Kyrie Irving

Go pats we need this Gilmore need to ball of so does everyone else I’m hype

Rashad Holmes

We need to wipe out the Titans let it be 34- 10 #patsnation

    Patriots Highlights

    Rashad Holmes nah let it be 59-0

    Rashad Holmes

    @Patriots Highlights heck yeah


    we? You play for the Patriots?

    Rashad Holmes

    @burt2481 yeah I do


Wish y’all luck tomorrow go out there and show out!!

Durrell Bowden


Syk Widdit

Wild card ADDITION? lol


Need a big game from the backfield.

Disco Liberation Movement

Pats have to be FEROCIOUS tomorrow night. Can they do it? I hope so!

Awais Tariq

Never count out Tom Brady let’s go Patriots prayers from Canada 🙏

Scuba Bro

I’m a life long patriots fan but I have to give it to Miami, they did what they had to do and capitalized on every opportunity they had.

    francisco Dorset

    they didnt have to do nothing, because they not even in the playoffs. brian flores should of thrown his mentor a big one

Jus Josh

I would’ve cried if they gave me that ring 😩😭 lol

Lashunda Smith

Lets hurt some souls New England

Sean McClellan

EDITION* 🤦🏻‍♂️


Mike Reiss has found some soul glo! Thought it was all used up in ‘coming to america’…. Jesus his head is shiny

Marty Brown

Let’s go pats

Samuel Bishara

Come on Patriots. You can do it.

Stephen Fernandez

Julian Edelman Is Damn Ready For The Playoffs

Jason Michelson

I think this should say; Wild Card edition, not Addition


we’re gonna be a hair in your soup, skunky beer, spoilers,,,, TiTANS 24 – pats 13

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