Hodges: ‘Going home in January is not fun’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Hodges: ‘Going home in January is not fun’

Devlin Hodges addressed the media following the Steelers' season-ending loss to the Ravens.

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Well be back!

    Intellectual One

    Haha. No you won’t.


    Intellectual One your patriots lost to the dolphins gtfo🤣🤣🤣

    JOSE 74


    Maurice King

    nut he’s a patriots fan😂that franchise is done, Tom can’t throw an accurate pass for his life

Juan Nolasco

Guess we know what to expect once Big Ben retires, hopefully they figure it out before that

    Alley Oop !

    @Steven Conrad Ben is an idiot are you nutz…..

    Johnny Pastrana

    Figure out what??? We have had two franchise QBs in the last 50 years…great QBs are as rare as blue roses ok? They are not a dime a dozen and no amount of figuring out will be any substitute for a lack of talent.

    Malik ElcoSS454

    @Steven Conrad ; Wishful thinking good idea by way.

    Ezekiel 2517 X

    What did we get with big Ben,he was 0-2 with no tdz this year,for the last 10 years since we tried to feature him it has been one strip/sack/int/excuse after another.

    triston miller

    Alley Oop ! You’re calling a hall of fame QB an idiot?? 😂😂😂😂 fucking clown

spoo oooky

Honestly I like how Duck handled himself
He had some terrible games and some decent games
The man’s an undrafted player competing against the best in the NFL
He should be proud of playing QB in the NFL and I wish him luck going forward (as a backup)


    Yeah, you cant get too mad at a small market rookie, he can still develop

    Ian puglia

    Everyone is bashing the guy but don’t see what he could possibly become.

    Rawjan 39

    @Ian puglia Welcome to this new world. These people today want you to be Tom Brady or Drew Brees straight out the gate. To bash a rookie that was thrown into the fire is just wrong

    Ian puglia

    @Rawjan 39 100% agree

Steeler Juju19

Time to fire Fitchtner and draft Trevor Lawrence

    Maurice King

    Malik ElcoSS454 bengals basically secured him

    Ezekiel 2517 X

    Trev is ok nothing special. Clemson and the refs defeated Ohio State in a great game.

    Jim Riebe

    That’s not going to happen unless we dump next season totally. Might be a good idea. Ha ha Ohio State sucks🤣🤣🤣

    Jim Riebe

    @Ezekiel 2517 X boohoo… Ohio State plays in the biggest joke conference and it showed.

AspectZreekoo YT

U did hold up good as the 2nd back up quarterback


    Keep smoking crack this fool literally lost us the game against the bills when the defense played lights out,

    Ethan Luma

    hockeycub19 could you do any better I know I can’t but can you?

    AspectZreekoo YT

    @hockeycub19 there’s a thing called bad games and good games and u can’t relay on just the qb. If we did have ben, I think we would be did 2x better but we did good for the amount of injuries we had.

    AspectZreekoo YT

    @Pittsburgh Plays true


    AspectZreekoo YT actually you do rely on the QB to win games, this fool is mediocre compared to other QB’s

    Like I said our redzone went from 1 to dead last when Big Ben down went down.

    Our defense was only reason we won games.

SpockMcoy Issmart

Look at it this way Duck. Going home tomorrow, gives you more time to get ready for training camp. Spend the time wisely to work on your abilities and perform well in camp/preseason. OR you may be contacting the Duck Dynasty for a position.

Joeschmoe Dontjaknow

Won more games than anyone would have ever guessed. And every win was not easy. Pretty entertaining season considering. Hope the best for duck

    Alley Oop !

    Duck season is over for good in Pittsburgh.

    Joeschmoe Dontjaknow

    Lot of good back up qbs out there that would love a starting job.

Alejandro Otero

Win lose or draw at least we gave it our all

    Alley Oop !


Zechariah Barajas

Thanks for the fun 🦆. Good luck wherever your career takes you bro

Lane Northcutt

Anybody that thinks he will be there next year is fooling themselves !



need metal

Could be worse, just ask Cleveland

    Malik ElcoSS454


    Josiah Haney

    Lol, for real

Rob Johnston

Need a quality veteran back up QB. This was a huge failure on the part of the Steelers.

    Alley Oop !

    We need a quality starting QB….

    gringo Life in Peru

    Yes this was a joke

    Ron Gotgame G

    Colin I. Would have been the best veteran quarterback to have. Hate him are not, We would have definitely made it to the playoffs

    Ezekiel 2517 X

    @Ron Gotgame G We were 0-2 this year with him,no tdz.


Well I don’t expect to see duck in Latrobe next training camp and if juju doesn’t do better next year he can go too
And if conner gets hurt one more time we can trade him before his value hits rock bottom

Josiah Haney

For everyone who is upset about this week just remember New England lost to the Dolphins…

Lynn Mitzy

I loved you since 1970…i will still love you tomorrow 🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛😍😎


Having you as the starting qb isn’t fun lol


We need a new OC, sign another vet Qb and sign a AJ green type guy to be our #1 wideout a get a new Special Teams coach ASAP

Yoy Mon

Anyone remember watching steelers in the 80s? If you didnt see them then, it was exactly like this

Liberal Rod

Man will only get better and would love to see him return to training camp next year


He still has a lot to experience but I’m still proud of how he took over and won 3 games and gave us the hope to be in the playoff. I still believe he can do so much more.

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