Around the Locker Room: Week 17 at Ravens “We’re not going to make excuses” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Pittsburgh Plays

Man randy fitchner again. I blame it mostly on him for the whole season. Like the other guys said, when NE Pats releases their OC, we should jump on him

    Christopher Bartolomeo

    Are you serious …did ya notice there were no problems last year with play calling…I wanna know what plays you can call with a terrible QB without NFL talent…answer ..there is no play calling that can work


    @Christopher Bartolomeo you’re kidding right? They had Roethlisberger doing practically whatever the hell he wanted last year, that’s why he threw 16 picks or so. Randy never had to properly make a gameplan. That’s his job, and he proved he couldn’t make a good gameplan to save his life without his security blanket in Ben.

Azariah Seer

First and foremost just want to say the good thing to hear around the locker room are the players owning up and not using any excuses to cover up their shortcomings. That is the first step towards growth and evolution is admitting to yourself and your teammates, we know what you guys are CAPABLE of. Let this off-season serve as a tribute to that and come back STRONGER AND FASTER THAN EVER next year bringing a level of EXECUTION that simply cannot be matched and is unrivaled… face these emotions and let down head on and use that as motivation to show the league what Pittsburgh is made of next year!

    Lamont Jones

    I wanted to go play the Patriots soooooo bad lol, we was putting them out

    Frank Herrera

    So it’s “wait till next year” AGAIN! Fire the bum!

Malachi sutton

We better resign BUD DUPREE

    Christian Gallardo

    Malachi sutton Yes he will if yall dont pay the man and we have hella cap next year

    Damon Gibson

    Christian Gallardo you’re smoking crack. We’re gonna play him. He will be off of IR before training camp. Maybe even before that

    Christian Gallardo

    Damon Gibson Don’t be a dumbass y’all won’t pay him because yall broke af

    J Perez

    Ravens earned it this year. Don’t be Patriot-like.
    It’s still Steelers nation.

    Damon Gibson

    Christian Gallardo He’s just hurt. He has like another 2 years on his contract dumbass. He’s on IR that’s it

Phinesse DaPlug

The defense showed up all 16 games. Your OC and QB need to spend more time in the film room and stop using their ego as confidence. Your division is only going to get more difficult once Joe Burrows ends up in Cincinnati. I love you guys. Go Steelers.

    Jacabo Blanco

    Steelers might end up at the bottom of the division if Ben doesn’t come back to form.

    Joe Burrough is the real deal

    Phinesse DaPlug

    Jacabo Blanco agreed.


    Jacabo Blanco Big Ben has at least one more year in him.

    If Steelers were smart they would sign a mid tier FA QB in offseason to backup Ben and potentially be our starter when he retires until we find a QB.


Crazy that this great defense has to go home

    Mike Cox

    I agree 💯 if the offense could have just produced 17 points in the 2 losses to the Bills and Jets we would be in the playoffs.

    Frank Herrera

    10 years of Tomlin crap. Different placers, different coaches… same moron in charge!

John Ahkui

We need a good player about more than 10 years.we never reach the top,!


Thank god this season was put to bed!!!! Painful to watch. Fire Fichtner!!!!!

Patrick Stanton

Fire Randy! Steelers shouldn’t miss playoffs 2 years in a row

the_future_is_ relevant

To me i don’t think ben will make a difference I sure do hope he will and does.


    Yeah he will make a difference, because a lot of those game came down to lack luster QB play not weapons. He definitely can make all the throws, we good, go Steelers.

Jock James

Time to trade Tomlin to the Skins for draft picks.


    Smh you’re an idiot.


    What the hell are you talking about? Tomlin made lemonade out of a lemon season for the Steelers. We literally didn’t have a QB and still was in the mix. So that get rid of Tomlin talk isn’t and never was relevant.


If you think about it, if the cards are right, next season we will have a great year. Big Ben comes back on a redemption year. JuJu, Conner, James Washington, Diontae Johnson, Benny Snell, Jaylen Samuels and Vance can improve off of this season. Our defense can take yet another big step with Devin Bush going into his 2nd year. We should be a 10+ win team, which is better than what most people will expect.

    Frank Herrera

    The definition of insanity: Keeping Mike Tomlin and expecting to win #7. The man is a fool!

Papi Grande

😂 😆 😝 this is hilarious! As a Ravens fan, I love watching Steeler disappointment. BYE AND CARRY THAT L WITH YOU!!!!

    Papi Grande

    MrScans1 I see that L is getting heavy………….

    Jimi Bmore

    @MrScans1 it’s quiet…

    nicholas alladin

    Why you watchin our interviews tho?

    Papi Grande

    nicholas alladin Because it’s freakin’ hilarious! 😆 😆 😝

joshua stanley

Fire randy fichtner

Maleek Allen

Coming from a ravens fan that young defense looks very promising you had a excellent year especially with a 4th string qb look forward to seeing yous next season

Football Legend

The making to much out of football & sports, the Tom Brady BS made me stop watching the NFL games ! FAKE !

Sean O'Donnell



Get rid of Ramon Foster in the offseason please. Sure he’s the player rep on the team, but he’s our worst lineman, who complains when the players actually have to put in physical work. On another note, pretty solid season considering all the injuries, but it felt like they just lost steam a little too early. Gonna need some offensive tweaks and hopefully a new OC next year, they better not just think Ben will come back and solve all the problems.

Picasso Pete

Rebuild that o line.. draft a new qb.. re sign bud.. ask juju does he want to be a football player or a social media star

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