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    Pittsburgh Plays

    CensingSceptile lmao

secret agent Zachary of San Jose Boston Partsch

Yeah Randy fichtner might be fired I’m not surprised because we cannot find some way to win any good games and we just keep failing to Make the playoffs so yeah


If we had Big Ben with that defense we would of been the number one seed💪🏾

    Itz Sombra

    Intellectual One we also didn’t have this defense last year

    Ed Blackmon

    @Itz Sombra Sqeelers are chock artist….losers

    M Ponent

    @Intellectual One big ben was hurt in new England and in 2018 we had new players 2017 the steelers went 13-3

    M Ponent

    @Intellectual One the jets have Sam Donald and bell 2 best players in the NFL today

    Austin Roger

    @Sc0rPi0Danky IK ppl don’t want to accept the truth but Randy is a yes man to Ben, Ben LOVES him. As long as Ben is our QB it’s in our best interest to have Randy


Ugh we need a better qb honestly the offenses needs more work


    RiskProblems and neither does Ben anymore. Time to rebuild and take our lumps.


    DEBUNKED except he himself has indecision and a lack of confidence. At times he plays well and other times he says he thinks he should retire. He dismisses interceptions by saying that’s how he plays when it cost the winning of many close games. Better than what we have YES. Better than what we need long term. NO. As Chuck has said, it’s time for him to do his life’s work.


    @MotorcycleMan I think what happend this season and why everyone is turning on the Steelers is because we have had ben for so long and he has done really good and for him not to play this season because of a Injury makes people mad but hopefully during the off-season everyone tries to get better in their own ways and hopefully we find another back up qb even if it’s a free agent


    Intellectual One yeah top 10 in passing yards in nfl history but not a good quarterback, makes complete sense


    @xAiden that’s what I’m sayingggg

Oscar Luna Reyes

Good bye next 2020

    Intellectual One

    Bandwagoning to another team so soon?

Xavier Edwards

Fire Randy Fichtner, Get Ben Back! Pickup some Receivers and a GOOD running back in FA, and draft a future qb!

    Ryan Maliek

    Xavier Edwards Cap space hell as always.

    Ryan Maliek

    Flash_760 McDonald is a good TE, but the offense by Fichtner just didn’t include him much for some reason.

    Josh Redmond

    Could not agree with you more Xavier Edwards. Finally another true Steeler fan like myself who sees our real issues then every band wagoner screaming “ FIRE TOMLIN”. I’m with you buddy 💯

    Kevin Pearson

    Everyone was screaming fire Keith butler last year. Still feel that way?
    Give Fichtner a chance and stop trying to couch from your couch. You don’t know better than anyone in that facility.

    Ryan Maliek

    Kevin Pearson It was seemingly because Tomlin was micro-managing the defense and not letting Butler run the schemes he wanted or draft the players he wanted either, and why there were so many players playing out of their natural positions. That was according to James Harrison on “Undisputed”. That was the rumored reason why Lebeau left as well. He couldn’t stand having Tomlin handicapping the defense.

Tim Powell

A lot of the comments are trippin. Both QBs are second and first year players. The OC isn’t good enough at play calling to get the job done. Steelers whole offensive corps is brand new. Relax. They’ll do much better next year. Just need to either get Ben back or find the next option. No one should be surprised we were an 8-8 team with one of the lowest ranked offenses and a top rank defense after all the bs that happened from the start of the season

a b

This was his first week 17 loss ever. Wow.


    a b His first since his rookie year as the steelers HC. Just shows how important big ben was to the steelers for all these years.

    Zechariah Barajas

    INFERNO95 or any competent QB.

Steelers 2god

I wish we played better today see y’all next season

    Pittsburgh Plays

    Steelers 2god yeah see ya man. Subbed go steelers

Zechariah Barajas

“There’s been a lot of disappointments this season.” This season went by so fast to me.

Blurred Culture

Great work this season. Lots of adversities. Next year boys…


Fire Fitchner Get TE make Snail the number one RB and with Ben managing game clock and this defense we will be on our way to number 7

Huey Leon

Messed up season!!!back to the drawing board coaches and front office !!!!Players didnt play to there akapability


for the steeler faithfull that long seemingly endless wait begins for september 2020 to arrive

Larry BigDogz

Such as life. Looking forward to next season as always.


Next season guys. #steelers 💪🏈

Pretty Red Taylor

Well Steelers, maybe we will get them all next season.

Pretty Red Taylor

Well Steelers, maybe we will get them all next season. Happy New Year😁

Thanos Hand

2 years in the row we stopped y’all from getting in the playoffs. #RavensFlock #WeRunTheNorth

Louii Parris

He be ready to gtf ASAP in every interview. Mike be mad asf !

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