HIGHLIGHTS: Steelers defense LEAD THE NFL IN TAKEAWAYS in 2019 | Best plays from the defense – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Why Me??

#1 D in the league

Josiah Grochowski

Let’s go Steelers

Monster Energy Power

If Big Ben was healthy, the Steelers would have won the division.

    Chase Osland

    We might not of traded for minkah though


    If Ben were healthy, the Steelers don’t make a trade for Minkah.

Lil Smith

How come the Steelers have a good defense but a trash offense

    Chase Osland

    They flipped a coin

    Austin White

    It’s just the QB position, our backups aren’t exactly solid.


    Our offense was fine.

    Then Mason got his clocked cleaned and the Myles Garrett incident forced him on the bench for Duck.

    Chase Osland

    @EdmacZ the offense was 5 to last in scoring. I don’t believe that hit changed to much for the team



NTAB Lavish

It would the best defense with Ryan Shazier

    Joe Rutherford

    NTAB Lavish devin Bush is gonna be as good as shazier

XotiK Novaa


Willie Mearis

Good video Defense Steelers go Super BowlNext year

Josiah Grochowski

Steeler Nation will always stay strong no matter what happens

Patiently waiting on God’s Promise

What’s frustrating is that is we had a healthy Big Ben we would’ve been able to move up and down the field more and the defense would’ve had more rest throughout each game and probably would’ve been even much better than they were.

    Chase Osland

    Minkah might not have been on the team though

Simon S

Superbowl 55 here we come🏆

Rahmeire Wright

I’m proud of our defense

Sumswag Gaming

love this team!💛🖤💛

Dom Routh

this is sad only if we had an offense. this team is better than 8-8

Steel City

Love that D! Now if we can just get the offense back in shape we’ll be ok

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