Top 100 Catches of the 2019 Season! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Top 100 Catches of the 2019 Season!

Top 100 Catches of the 2019 Season!

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Desmond Infuscatus

f for being here 15 seconds early

Jose1213 C HACKER

#1 has to be the catch on Tom Brady’s beautiful last throw as a Patriot

    Big fella 1

    COOLGUY007 OBJROCKS ur stupid

    John Mcgraw

    So true 😂

    G1r4ff35 4r34 c001

    @Big fella 1 *you’re

    RavendGdawg Titanup

    Nahh jonnu smith got #1 TE from the titans #TITANUP

    fortnite bad minecraft good

    @loudifa 07 stfu

Ace The hooligan

Last time I was this early my dad left


    haha funny moment

    heh hey heh ur mum gay

    O dam… lmao


What about Trubisky??? He caught a full scholarship to the XFL.


    The xfl is dumb.

    GoodVibes Harambe

    @Tazzor its more fun than the NFL=no fun league


    @GoodVibes Harambe nahhhh

    Ramaun Thompson

    SaltyBuns y’all know he has one more year right?

    hola b

    What does trubisky have to with this 🙄🙄

Rene Guerrero

how is lockett’s catch not top 5

    Skyler Hunt

    @CobraKai NeverDies why can’t u deal with the fact that ur a disappointment and a mistake and realize ur team sucks

    JustMarcus LittleGamer

    Sutton’s catch was definitely better

    Big Oof

    Rene Guerrero that’s what I’m saying

    Big Oof

    Patrick Payne I’m not a cowboys fan but cooper deserves to be atleast number 16

    Billy Club

    Rediculous, should be #1. The throw from Wilson alone was unbelievable. Lockett is a small receiver, with two defenders and a small patch of green in the back corner of the end zone… to stay focused and grab that ball with what he had to work with was just amazing.

Kadin Schonauer

Where’s the SEAHAWKS Respect
Mostly for the Lockett catch
Go hawks

    Daniel Buman

    JustMarcus LittleGamer

    Sutton’s catch was definitely better

    ricardo flores

    @Daniel Buman 🎩hteestoygritandoporsusjugadasymandametusfotosytuspartidos😎😎😎

    ricardo flores



They really put that at 100😂

    Mr. Roller Coasters

    I was so confused at first 😂


    we know it shouldve been 1

    Johann Sebastian Bach

    That man really had football skill.

    Miguel Rivas


Sports 311

The Tyler Lockett catch in the corner of the end zone was just sick!!!

    GD Fluffy67 2

    Sports 311 exactly

    Nick Kamp

    I was at that game. We couldnt believe that catch live.
    Thompsons pick in the same game was pretty awesome too.

    GD Fluffy67 2

    Nick Kamp I remember when they missed the field goal I went crazy

    Nick Kamp

    @GD Fluffy67 2 Same!


im here for the titans

    Eric Anderson

    @fbwthe6 low-key wanted to see Khari Blasingames catch against the Raiders

    Daniel Buman

    Suh Da man


    Steve Polhill

    AJ Browns Catch should have been Higher in the list. Top 10 for sure.

Jaime Garcia

The first one was the best honestly


    @Aanish Paranjpe 😒


    @Aanish Paranjpe 😔

    The Goat Crabapple

    Aanish Paranjpe he means number 100

    Daniel Buman

    Aanish Paranjpe

    The Goat Crabapple Oh

Michael Shan

“That left cheek may have been down”


    please timestamp i need to see this

    Michael Shan

    TripleThePugg 23:35

    Aanish Paranjpe


    Felix and MLG Films

    that was an amazing catch and Jonnu is so underrated


    Dont forget 23:44 “Ca- Can you split cheeks?”

Nick G

Man Davante Parker is underrated af

    • Bob

    Nick G
    Yeah. He’s great. I love him.

    Pewds Is Good


    ashton holloway

    Nick G met him at a Louisville basketball game. really nice guy

Dorian Bernard

The 100 catch defines the Giants season 😂

    Johnny Feaver

    Dorian Bernard so amazing?

    100 subs? Challenge

    The sound guy can catch better

    Joao Raphael Pizzoferrato

    It’s sad to be a Giants fan

    Football Productions

    @Joao Raphael Pizzoferrato Rip giant fans

    Showtime Pont

    Dorian Bernard 1 handed catches?


Number 1 to 30 should be
every Jamesis Winston INT

Edit: Yall ty this the most likes i ever got yall da best



    Daniel Buman

    DJ R

    Giving you a thumbs down for that lame edit you made.


Eagles wide receivers be like: Huh?

    Josue Pina

    I mean the throw Carson made to Sanders in the back on the end zone against the Redskins should’ve been in there

    Daniel Buman

    Derek Savage

    Dude Wentz is so Awesome!!

    Bakey 921

    Why didn’t they put the ertz one hand

Sean S.

How come they always start it off with one that didn’t matter, then the next one looks like it should be in the top 25? Lol

    Gamerdude 1901

    Trey Cotter was that a pun?

    Nathan Corless

    They’re not in any particular order

    Sean S.

    -Insert Name Here- see but that’s the thing, they’re really not. Someone or a team of people actually took time to try and figure this out. Usually it’s the fat white guy on NFL Network who does these.

    Grace Jeffrey

    I know right

Michael Hanna

23:14 Brandon Carr really knows how to be on the opposite side of a one handed catch

Zach Holmlund

how was locketts catch at number 14

    Best Buy

    Not as cool as suttons

    Steve Polhill

    Because nearly everyone ahead of him was a one-handed catch


    Zach Holmlund mainly because of the throw


21:41 No way he said that

    Kolton Kollasch


    Rap Universe

    Kolton Kollasch lmao

    Yeelicious -

    “He’s such a gamer, in fact he’s more than that he’s a hall of famer just by that catch”

Chris Klein

7:38 do top 100 stiff arms of the year and make sure that one makes the top 10

    Mc_Slayer 2

    Chris Klein I remember that pic the Texans were going on a potential game winning drive and that happened 😢

    Steve Polhill

    If they did top 100 stiff arms, 50 of them would be Derrick Henry LOL

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