Victor Cruz Sits Down Darius Slayton, Dexter Lawrence & DeAndre Baker | Giants Huddle Podcast – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Daniel Camilo

3 Future stars in the making maybe even probowlers

Muz Kamal26

Let’s go gmen

iPhone Shot Caller

3-D’s (Dangerous, Determined & Dynamic) #NYG4Life

Ackbar Schwartz

Slayton is one of those picks that will have 31 GM’s asking themselves “How the hell did I let this one slip by?” for years to come. Hasn’t scratched the surface of his potential. Plus you can pick up the maturity and character by listening to him any time he is interviewed. Not one to let the bright lights of NY feed an ego making himself believe he was bigger than the team. The Giants fans will quickly see they got an upgrade over OBJ both on and off the field.

    john jackson

    True that


    Only thing is our team values off field more than actually being good at football, trying to appeal to all of the older NYG fans instead of embracing a more Seahawks approach it seems. And we draft non-valuable positions too high


    As a for instance, we badly lost the OBJ trade as he was not a bad character whatsoever but for some reason everyone wanted to paint him like that

    Chico 169

    Jack – We lost the OBJ trade? Have you watch football at all this year?

CR Kids

How bout them Giants!

Cheyenne Q

Love that Cruz is a forever giant


No timestamps?


DeAndre Baker mentioning he models his game after Xavier Rhodes has me big sad lmao


Slayton has to get a little stronger on contested routes.His drop on third down against the Eagles gave them the one chance they needed to come back.If he holds on the game is over.All in all a terrific rookie season.

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