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Salvador Morales

First lets go broncos

Cameron Cash


james Barrera


TeShaun Hurt

yay we win

Jimall Killings

Great Win

    Sports Braa

    Jimall Killings I almost forgot what it felt like to watch a near full game of high effort and teamwork – confidence is everything for young Qs and all young players- when that comes earlier then foreseen it can turn into something special- I’m not trying to get ahead of myself but I truly had no faith in Lock before today and maybe unfairly judged his talent or better yet- his confidence. He got game- but it’ll all be about perseverance and faith- miles of heart in this locker room and it felt like it was crucial in keeping this core of young guys from going thru the motions. Good night y’all and God Bless

    Jimall Killings

    Sports Braa I feel the same! I think the Broncos needs to beef up the OLine draft a shutdown corner and build the team around 🔒 🏆🏆🏆🏆

    Sports Braa

    Jimall Killings It would truly open so many avenues for us to dabble with adding depth at o line- as much as we can – if we truly found our cornerstone 🥳- I wish we played a better defense once to end season- Houston D is a shell of their last year selves and I think KC then Det is how we round out? Haha ya- all good experience tho- I might have to actually congratulate Elway and Coach for implementing a good plan of attack on a Drew’s weird delay to start- he obviously benefited from it

    Jimall Killings

    Sports Brea it’s like in the second half they let off the ⛽️. I’m the one who wants them to stay on the ⛽️…make statements for the League😆😆

    Sports Braa

    Jimall Killings Agreed we are slowly learning how to finish and keep our foot on their neck- I am excited about this young core for sure


Now Elway can use that draft capital on O-line and DBs!

    Shawn Edmond

    @BNS hokins burned him a few times. Broncos Get the W BRONCOS COUNTRY


    @Uso Penitentiary I thought he signed an extension in May?
    Anyway, that’s why I was saying we needed to use one of those first 5 picks on a quality DB. The way I see it [assuming Lock is a go for next yeat], we need T [LT preferably and move Bolles], C, DB, WR, LB. With 5 picks in the first 3 rounds, I expect will get most of those then.

    Uso Penitentiary

    BNS he got a raise but not an extension. But depending on how the rest of the season goes, we need to come out of the draft with at least 2 OL. Bolles and Leary need to be let go for sure. So long as we go WR within the first couple of rounds then I don’t mind what happens. We honestly need depth at CB


    @Uso Penitentiary agree 100%
    In today’s NFL, behind Edge Rusher, most important defensive position is DB…I would say maybe more since QBS are getting release times under 2.5 seconds.

    Sports Braa

    BNS Great point- All of your points have been- Ruggs would be sweet!! Georgia kid right? Or is he Bama?

Sports Braa

Dang I truly hope I was misguided in my assessment of Drew- I realize he has a successful college career in the SEC but I truly didn’t think he would command the huddle with such a relaxed swag- I only saw him get flustered at the end of first half in 2 min drill- ha you could see the cadence and checks wheeling in his eyes as he read Defense etc- I was very impressed- I will be the first to admit he’s much better then I thought- But let’s get thru a better defense first before we crown him the next Elway- sure he is only Broncos Franchise Rookie Q along with Elway to win his first two games but Houston defense is garbage tbh

    Steven Soco

    Sports Braa Elway did not play this well his first year. So, if you want an Elway comparison, Drew is due a few off games. Right now, he is on track to be better than Elway. ( Read more below before you go off on me).

    Don’t forget, John won his Super Bowls just like Manning won his SB here …as a game manager. Our running game won the first two, with Elway, and our defense won the one with Manning.

    Sports Braa

    Steven Soco I only meant the next savior Q not the exact comparison-& I respect your opinion- your 💯 right on this- I truly was impressed man- did you read my full comment? I’m unsure how you think I’m not aware of this theory you claim haha- confidence early in a career is very important imo though now days with how fast we move on guys- I’m excited to see this play out and I’m even more excited to be 100% wrong about Lock – I am not afraid to admit I was wrong- still very early so we’ll see

Brian Warner

This game is a great confidence builder going into KC

Jerome Schulze

He will be gone next year !! Amd needs to be gone.. Injury prone

    Agent Bruh

    Jerome Schulze how are you gonna pray for a mans downfall like that🤦‍♂️

Milehigh Hernandez

Two tight ends 2 running backs and one defensive touchdown

trev whit

This is the type of talk that was missing behind Keenum and Flacco….
Fook yeah boys.


Part 2 of 2
Same with the BRONCOS- the bush family & their surrogate ellis have usurped the TEAM from the Bowlen Family and instead of having loyalty to our people who did everything we asked of them: GASE PHILLIPS KUBIAK all of whom WON US A SB, & did it with excellent character & class- including posting the BEST numbers on OFF & DEF we have ever had- including the BEST OFF the NFL has ever had- EVER… we instead have MISPLACED loyalties to a narcissistic gang of naval gazers who are myopic about the obvious problems on the team because their loyalty is NOT to the Bowlen family & the fans… rather it’s to their bush-ellis established junta! FACT! SCAMGrrrrrrr…..JELLO has LOST us 5 games this season & last week it was almost 6/12 games (50% of games) except that a HC Veto, a PI, & a very LONG FG by McManus$$$ bailed us out of that SAME mess forged in the SAME crucible of error, smithed by the SAME mr. cute & clever culprit… despite Lock’s excellence we again saw that SAME error in this latest game where we had a 38- 3 lead at one point that became a 38- 24 finish… just when you thought SCAMGrrrrrrr….JELLO FINALLY understood that you ONLY need to win the game by a single point- ONCE to get a win… instead he gets all cute & clever & opens the door for the almost Texans comeback (remember they recovered their ONSIDE Kick! BTW)… late in the 3rd qrtr the BRONCOS took 5 minutes off the clock by RUNNING THE BALL SIX CONSECUTIVE TIMES! FINALLY he understands… and then- NOPE… we were at the Houston 25 with 2 1/2 min left in the 3rd Qtr 38- 10… it was ONLY 2nd down… what is the reasoning behind throwing the ball deep at this point?!!? Is a 35 point lead better than a 31 point lead at this juncture?!!? NOPE a 31 point lead is a 5 score lead just as much as a 35 point lead is… so keep RUNNING the ball taking time off the clock [there is no reason running can’t get you another 1st down & TD as it was working quite well at that point]… kick an easy FG and go up 5 scores with 4th qtr or less time remaining… NOPE that is too SIMPLE & Obvious & stupid people who think they are geniuses & therefore don’t realize how stupid they are JUST DON’T DO SIMPLE & OBVIOUS- they would rather FAIL with supposed ‘genius’ than succeed with SIMPLE & OBVIOUS because one allows them to continue acting like they are ‘geniuses’ & the other- NOT! Thus INT and 21 unanswered point that against a better team and/or with a slightly less excellent game by Lock leads to 7th LOSS THE EXACT SAME WAY [6th loss an anomaly as we should have lost last week except for HC Veto/ PI/ McManus$$$ Long FG]… so same error 7 times 5 times it cost us games & twice we won in spite of that STUPID PLAY CALLING… so unless everyone wants to repeat this B*LLSH*T in 2020… then we need to FIRE SCAMGrrrrrrr….JELLO & find someone who can 100% of the time:
A) RUSH for a 1st Down on 3rd & 1 especially in games were running clock to ZERO is critical like wire to wire lead evaporating in last seconds for 5th loss SAME WAY this season three weeks ago… and all the other 4 losses SAME WAY in last seconds
B) RUSH for taking clock down to close out a game & still be able to move chains maybe toss the ball on 3 & 5 or greater but at that juncture you win TOP you win game… not about more points… it’s 100% about the clock- something everyone EXCEPT SCAMGrrrr….JELLO understands about Football
C) RUSH to put team in more favorable position…slows down pass rush/ sets up play action strikes, screens etc, tires out OPP DEF for 4th Qtr & RESTS OUR DEF so they can play like they did against Texans/ forces DEF to load box providing 1 on 1s outside setting OFF WR up for even better success… allows Lock an opportunity to win without getting hurt & while he gains the experience he needs to beat all teams at any time even in a playoff game not just some teams some of the times which is what you see with a FIRST half Second half disparity a recurrent problem all season long and in BOTH Lock’s starts… I am sure someone out there will blame FLACCO for that instead of SCAMGrrrrrr….JELLO…. all 3 QB’s had same result in that regard… whose fault…. FLACCO, ALLEN, LOCK…. or SCAMGrrrrrrr……JELLO! So my 1 BIG recommendation is that the bush-ellis junta be brought to an end the Bowln Family get back 100% control of THEIR TEAM & then finally we can have honest evaluation & FIRE SCAMGrrrrrr…..JELLO before he gets Lock injured like Flacco trying to win a game in last seconds exposing him to injury in a game that should have already been won or losing more excellent vets who will simply have had enough of this B*LLSH*T like we lost Sanders!
BTW go ahead & ‘circle jerk the mormon ‘wagons’ in your circular firing squad like the dems… I have been hated for maintaining my LOYALTY to CUSA & the GOD endowed RIGHTS of the person against the jew traitors who killed JFK RFK over diamona, Rachel Corrie over a video, USS Liberty Sailors over pretext to NUKE Cairo & our firefighters on REICHSTAG911- preplanned at a min since release of ORIGINAL PLANS May 27 1974 one month after kissingers NSM #200 calling for population control aka mass murder eugenics programs for profit & war profiteering anarchy of his manageable chaos theory (note to ‘geniuses’ chaos by def cannot be managed- FACT!) was written April 24 1974… JFK Fired Kissinger called him a madman… nixon brought him back gave him the thumbs up & the slaughter has never ceased… also been hated for my LOYALTY to the Church- the ONLY REAL ONE against the ‘clown churches of satan’ & the infiltrators of the real Church… also like everyone been hated for being loyal to the TRUTH against the LIARS… who persecute the innocent all the days of their lives while the guilty go free for political bribes… so hate away… unlike you my loyalties are NOT misplaced… really all you MRSplaced loyalty people take off the dresses you look & sound like a bunch of f*gs!


Part 1 of 2

Regardless of whether we can beat a SB ready team in KC on the road next week this season has to be looked at as a success for a few different reasons & one BIG MUST DO RECOMMENDATION in order to translate this into a better win record next year must be executed upon…
First Elway did a lot of due diligence in his search for a FRANCHISE QB in finding Lock AND he managed to select him with a 3rd Pick that allowed Elway to get a TE in Fant & OLine guy in Risner that ARE VERY KEY to Lock’s immediate emergence over his first two starts… so Elway will leave the Team having found the FUTURE FRANCHISE QB- the FUTURE is NOW… we should be set for 10- 15 years barring serious injury with Lock under Center… that is very important for this team.
Second if anyone still doubts the hiring of HC Fangio they need their head examined, our DEF is seriously 1 TRUE LOCKDOWN Crnr away from being back to the 2015 level once everyone is healthy next year
Third- the emergence of a core group of young players on BOTH Sides of the ball will really help this team make major improvements over the coming seasons and make all those draft picks we have able to pay big dividends as we will not be trying to find important positional players… instead getting best players to add to the roster improving each existing position.
Although we are only 5- 8 we easily could be 8+ & 5 [I’ll circle round to that in a minute with my MUST execute upon recommendation]… it is not an overstatement when a rookie QB goes out on the Road for his first time & plays this well against a playoff caliber team… the MOST important aspect of that awesome play was the accuracy… at one point Lock was 16/19 with 3 TD’s 0 INT’s 265 yards & ONLY 3 INCOMPLETIONS… he would finish 81+ completion%… that was for a complete game on the road 1st time against a playoff ready DEF! WOW you can’t do that in the NFL UNLESS YOU CAN DO THAT IN THE NFL… With excellent study habits, good mobility, a very strong arm… and I think he got rid of the sponge he used to wear on the top front of his head… Lock has everything he needs to go as far as he wants to in this league… if he wants to make football his life he can be amongst the best that ever played… if he values other things he still will be a Franchise QB for a very long time… so BIG CHECK MARK on Elway getting a young FUTURE FRANCHISE QB & not expending a ton of draft capital to accomplish that! The fact that he is getting excellent experience now is just icing on the cake & another reason this season must be now viewed as a success. We are 2- 2 in the Division with 2 chances to get to 50% & 1 chance to have a winning division record this year… that is a very good benchmark of improvement & success from the recent past… in addition we still can win out & finish with NOT a losing record which would be epic at this point beating KC has become 2019’s BRONCO SB game… the stakes for this season have never & unfortunately will never be higher than next weeks game. Finally a 7 win season IS Tangible improvement & is better than the experts projected [6 wins] although everyone had bigger expectations for this team [see final point below] at the seasons beginning we started out 0- 4 & a friend asked me what I thought of the season & I said QUOTE: “I’d rather be 0- 4 with Fangio as HC than be 4- 0 with VJ”… I actually like VJ as a person unlike how I feel about our current OCoord & team head honcho- ellis [see below]… that was true then it is true now & will be true after Fangio has coached his last game… I knew he was an excellent hire & continue to have ZERO doubts about that excellent hire… we are 5-4 since our 0- 4 start, that is winning football & if we finish with 7 wins that means we are 7- 5 over the last part of the season since 0- 4 start… if our players play this hard through this kind of adversity… imagine how our players are going to play if we make the playoffs next season! So yes at this point regardless of what happens our 2019 season has been a success. Now there is ONE very serious problem that MUST BE ADDRESSED & that is the SOLE reason for our disastrous 2019 probably (hopefully) 7- 9 season-
The bush family & their friend ellis have essentially done to the broncos & Bowlen’s what the bushes did to the COUNTRY in 2000… usurpation… and the EXACT SAME RESULTS have obtained: an unmitigated disaster as people have MISPLACED LOYALTIES… in this country we are LOYAL to CUSA, the GOD Endowed RIGHTS of ALL PERSONS! and hopefully JESUS. Instead this country has become a bunch of gangs LOYAL to TRAITORS COMMITTING TREASON… regardless of whether it’s the U.N.qualified Oblivious & the anything but democracy dems or the Giant Orange Clown & the anything but republic republicans… this is MISPLACED LOYALTY… we bomb civilian populations everyday & no one says a word except those of us being run over for speaking the TRUTH about these atrocities… we DRONE LUNCH people without TRIAL & DUE Process EVERYDAY… we teach children that being gay is normal & slaughtering babies is a right… we say amen to the DENIERS of CHRIST & their murder for profit & debt slavery through control of an UNCONSTITUTIONAL CURRENCY… we TORTURE PEOPLE and at least we no longer LIE about that FACT!

Steven Soco

Underrated Bronco. Great blocker and a sneaky receiver once or twice a game.

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