Sean Payton Postgame Reactions After Week 14 loss vs 49ers | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Sean Payton Postgame Reactions After Week 14 loss vs 49ers | New Orleans Saints Football

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton postgame interview after the New Orleans Saints' loss vs. the San Francisco 49ers in Week 14.
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Alma James

Can’t win em all, not with the Referee Penalties of course.. but don’t get me wrong; the Team fucked up plenty. Too. Review and improve. See you in the Championships, 49ers.

    B Wheels

    It was holding on the punt costly miss penalty

    Christopher Lammons

    @John Mortela You are talking about what you thought was a block in the back in traffic… look at one of the niners big runs there was a hold/block in the back right in the hole…. there were tons of missed minor calls in the Niners favor not mentioned. That OPI, the 4th Quarter Drive extended by two penalties and the hold on the punt were obvious and clear calls the zebras chose to ignore.

    Black Mamba

    @Christopher Lammons If you want to extensively call every single minor detail, Michael Thomas techincally pushes off on almost every single one of his catches. And according to several NFL players and analysts, on punt returns, you are allowed to JAM the gunner. If that was called holding, you’d see teams line up in punt formation and go for the throw almost every single 4th down because the long snapper has extra protection and it would be automatic PI or Holding almost every single time. Additionally, your last two touchdown drives were sustained by phantom PI calls. You could argue those were PI, but if you did, then the one against Kittle would also be PI and there would pretty much be PI on every single play. Take the L and move on, that game was well officiated and you’re making Saints fans who are humble and a great fan base look bad.

    Marcus Rougeau

    Alma James Imagine crying about the refs when they didn’t get a call until fourth quarter

    Christopher Lammons

    @Marcus Rougeau Imagine practically the only calls made were the obvious false starts that the the Zebra had to call and the Blatant targeting in the end zone that should have been an ejection.

javier hernandez

Defense was like oprah you get a touchdown you get a touchdown


    @Talkin Bout Nawlins if I may ask, what would you maybe say is your favorite genre of music?

    Talkin Bout Nawlins

    @Switch-No-Comply Chicago, Texas,Mississippi Delta Blues.New Orleans Jazz and Funk, Americana.Jazz/Rock Fusion.Pretty much anything but heavy metal or rap.Not much new music unless I have


    @Talkin Bout Nawlins hope you enjoy..
    The Fruit bats – Getting in the Van Again
    Freddyboy – LaLaLa


Good game, Saints. See you in a month when it really matters.


    “Saints had it but loss it in the end”
    now you know how we felt vs Seattle

    Randzavie Strickland

    No way…. Cooks never left saints would’ve put up 60+ them

    EJ Gaine

    @Randzavie Strickland sorry, but there’s no such thing as a great loss. This was a terrible loss. They lost home field throughout the playoffs today. Not only are they now 2 games behind SF (one loss behind AND SF now wins any tie breakers), but now they’re behind GB too. History will tell you – Saints are 1-5 all time on the road in the playoffs and are 6-1 at home (last year’s debacle against Rams being the only loss). So no, it’s not a great loss. It wasn’t even a great game from a Saints fan perspective. That defense was absolutely horrendous today and with the exception of the 9 sack game against Atlanta, has been really sketchy for about 6-7 weeks now. Is the jury still out on Eli Apple? I don’t think so. Zero pressure by the D-line all day. Jimmy G had all day to through the ball. The only time they got pressure was when they sent 6 after him and they did that all too infrequently – probably because they know that they can’t leave Eli Apple one on one with the water boy or it might go for 6. SF just gave everyone in the league the blueprint for an offensive game plan against the Saints. Attack Eli Apple until the Saints are forced to bring help. Then attack him some more. SF is a great team this year – but they aren’t 520 yards of offense good… in your building with the crowd going crazy.

    Byron Lewis

    penoyer79 Thanks… we will return with a vengeance!


Great game saints from a 49er fan !!

    Randall House

    Hey appreciate that fam. Ima Saints fan and it was one Helluva Game!! I’m still hurt lol. But we got plenty more Football. Hope to see y’all in the playoffs

    NINER_GANG 49ers

    Yesssa gg to both teams its honestly hard to call anyone trash because it’s the NFL where the best of the best play so respect to all the teams who won or loss today.😁😁😁💪💪💪

    Randall House

    Its alot of 49ners fans throwing salt on us saying we suck now 🤣🤣. We use to the hate. We know mfs dont like us.


As a Saints fan, I can take pride into saying we lost to the 49ers. Incredible effort by both teams and one hell of a game! We’ll be back for Round 2 in the NFC Championship for another legendary match! WHO DAT!!! ⚜️💛🖤


    @Gino Catalanotto Jr Hold that L Saints fan.


    @Kimberly Fantroy

    we just want to see what the ants excuses for losing and see Peyton and Brees crying. lolololo, who dat ! We dat NinerEmpire let’s goooo! 9ers!!!!!!

    D Worth

    Fucking right boutta send Sean my number cuz I swear to god if these refs keep pulling this bullshit imma catch a charge for free on one of these refs

Hunter G

I’m sorry coach but Murray was having himself a game and you didn’t capitalize on that

    Talkin Bout Nawlins

    @Travis Saints482 He was busy playing with his life partners poop shoot.

    Da'da Saints #1

    @TheJCFan 3&1 and we running Taysom Hill, on a sweep and Murray, was getting 6-7 yards a pop! What happened we get stopped That’s on Payton.


    @kordova2182 Youre so dumb dude.

C.M. 1104

And why the f*** you don‘t use latavius more often! Was on Fire….and he sits outside and Kamara was a shadow today….

    B Wheels

    Forreal bruh he was forcing Kamara up the middle all gm and them weak tosses the dude is still hurt meanwhile Murray getting 5 yards a pop and you run him off the field


    As a niner fan I was scared you guys were gonna continue to use Murray. We couldn’t stop him.


    Because the game plan was to stop Kamara. Quite simple.

    Robert Boucher Jr.

    Latavius has been undeeitilized on every single team he’s been on in his career

    luke wilson

    stfu sean payton is a GEM.

Ben De Weaver

As a niners fan I gotta give a ton of credit to the saints. One hell of a game, hope to see y’all later on.

    Clash Smchitcle

    Alizeh London i think both our teams stumbled and thats because we haven’t faced each other, if there was a rematch i think our defenses would play a much bigger role

    Joshua Buller

    Much respect and same here as a saints fan. Hell of a game, congratz on the hard fought W.

    Kpuff 8

    Ditto I’d love a rematch

    M M

    Some of the best money I’ve spent and I’m a Saints fan. Instant classic for sure!

    overgrown underbrush

    fair is fair, but holding next time.

Nick Young

49er fan…. this was the best games of this year for me. This is football at it’s best. And Saints went hard, mad respect.

    Randall House

    Hey appreciate that Fam. Ima Saints fan and I told myself whoever has the ball last will win. That’s exactly what happened. But that was one helluva game

    Kpuff 8

    Thanks bro


As a 49ers fan , the saints did a hella of a good job today , even tho we are different teams , we are still family , we work our way up for what we want to achieve, saints next game we have , is gonna be one hell of a match , hope to see you there !!


    Family ???? Tf


    Dreadheadsoulja Coleman who deez nutz

Tim Morford

As a Niners fan, wow what a game! Respect to this Saints.

    Mustang 31

    Yes sir!

    Cecilia Del Toro

    9ERS will only beat ya again, get over it, Gooooooo 9ERS #1

    Dekkin Ortega

    Respects to you guys more respect than the ravens

    Marcus Rougeau

    KG Aviation When was the last time saints didn’t make the playoffs? Can’t remember

    Harry Singh

    Marcus Rougeau 2016



    Idiotic Tirades

    I’d prefer we didn’t, but if that’s how it has to be then so be it. War 9ers👍🏼

    Aways God Bless x

    Thanks saints fan

    Kpuff 8

    See you there man it’s gonna be awesome

    Byron Lewis

    A&J And see us you shall!

    Christy Hill

    A&J for sure the best game of the year. It’s hard to beat a great team twice. We will win when it matters Who Dat 👍🏻 road to the Super Bowl

mango slug

Niners fan here. You literally can’t guard mike.

    Kpuff 8

    Alright calm down y’all both teams played great. And I would love to see a rematch possibly in January. Until then we gotta play out the rest of the season

    un known

    @NINER_GANG 49ers you already know BANG BANG NINER GANG!!!!

    Michael Leadingham

    Kpuff 8 what season the saints are done for they fucking suck brees choked jimmy g didn’t your defense got weak and tired and it fucking sucks there not going to the playoffs have fun sitting on the couch with your box of tissues your going to need them when the next team you play knock your saints out of the playoffs your team fucking sucks go San Francisco 49ers super bowl winners baby your head coach looks like he needs to retire and check into a retirement home I don’t think his heart can take any more stress.

jerry robinson

When the Offense give you 42 points against NFL’s #1 Defense you HELP THEM OUT Saints Defense!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Black Mamba

    Not even 42, 46!! You guys absolutely carved us out! Thankfully Jimmy pulled through, but that was a great game.

    Ronny Racks

    Black Mamba Gotta love 9ers fans, yall (well most of yall) are very classy and respectful unlike atlanta fans . if we dont win the bowl im rooting for yall gg


    Ronny Racks damn bro that means a lot. Gg


As a saints fan ay good game niners! I was at the game and all y’all showed love to me and my city. Can’t wait to see y’all in the playoffs !

    jay W

    Brianca really?? They were actually NICE!!?? The sky must be falling


    jay W yea I was surprised too but in all honesty the ones I encountered were nice

    Marcus Rougeau

    jay W Why wouldn’t we be nice? That was y’all stadium we have to respect that. 49ers and saints always have great games. We don’t dislike the Saints team on the same level as our division teams.

Andre Munoz

Gg saints all I can say is wow that game was amazing to watch as a 49ers fan my nails are damn near gone from chewing on them lol

Todd Roy

Somebody need to figure out how we can hear the questions!!

    Sunny D Tangy

    You put a mic in the crowd.

Osvaldo Hurtado

Saints fan here and this game made my nipples dance🤣🤣 goty no doubt.

Frxsh504 Smith

They really need to start giving these reporters mics man. 😂 smh

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