Drew Lock, young talent spark Broncos’ best offensive performance of the season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
TeShaun Hurt

i hope they beat kc


    Don’t we all

    Jerome Schulze

    Why?? We are out of playoffs


    @Jerome Schulze To hurt the chiefs and to bring back the winning culture to Denver. Remember that Lock and Risner were 2nd round picks and Lindsay was undrafted, so you don’t necesserily need the highest draft picks to pick nice players. Let’s beat the Chiefs!

    Michael Chap

    Jerome Schulze we actually aren’t so yeah we are still in


I promise I am on high after this win like everyone else but the amount of points we gave up in the 2nd half is concerning. We have not been good at stopping teams halftime adjustments. We need to figure that out next now that QB is settled.


    Im not that all concerned, Houston is a really good team offensively and should have been able to do that in the 1st half, match that along with the massive amounts of injury along our defense and I’d say they did damn good.

Jimall Killings

We have the qb on 🔒

Abigail B

So proud of these guys! Nothing but up from here…

Darwin Romero

Next year will be broncos !!


Dare I say it,
Do we have a QB? 🥺

    Joseph Grounds

    You better knock on wood before you say it!! haha

Chris lilienthal

I love this kids swagger

Teefers Teef

Trash Davis#51

alejandro barrera

All season i’d posted critics of hc,,oc, an qbs, now im happy to post great job! And my best wishes to Drew! Looks so good i hope he will be our franchaise qb. Really glad to see his performance!

Major Tom

Would love to see a lot of Missouri black & gold at the game, Drew’s home town, should be a hell of a welcome, he always dreamed of being a Chief until they drafted Mahomes ?

King Fonzy

I guess all things happen for a reason? I doubt Drew looks this good had he started sooner! But wow is this exiting! Finally Elway got it right! Had us worried…!

Agent Bruh

Let’s move Bolles to LG or RG and draft a LT, Corner and WR in the second, resign Wolfe or get interior D-line in the 3rd as well as more good depth in positions of need through the rest of the draft along with players coming back from injuries and 2020 is our year!

Milehigh Hernandez

Great game Kareem Jackson’s a monster !!

Zachary Couch

If Drew Lock can beat KC, that would be special, I don’t even remember the last time we beat KC

    Caleb Kjergaard

    Last time we beat KC was with Peyton in 2015, so it’s been quite a while lol

Samuel Oliver

Where’s that queer Cubecraft Banned now that Locks a baller?

    Thiago Henriquecoelhodesouza


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