Hangin’ with the Boys: Right Pieces? Right Place? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Hangin’ with the Boys: Right Pieces? Right Place? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Pro Football Focus’ stats say the Cowboys have the second-best roster in the NFL this year? So what happened? Is the leadership and culture the problem? The boys talk about putting the puzzle back together again.

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Start holding guys accountable in week 16 wtf!!

Dsouls Productions, LLC

Bill Parcells side best, as a head coach, if you want me to cook dinner, then you must allow me to buy the groceries. Find a new head coach and provide him with the authority to change the culture of the team. BOOM! 💣

    Salvador V. Rodríguez

    I wished parcell would of stayed more with dem boys he was our last real coach in Dallas!


I cant wait to see who the next HC is and hopefully he can install his own staff, I dont want anymore of Jerry’s “pet projects”, mediocrity needs to die with the Jason Garret era period!!

    David Rodriguez

    Jerry Jones will keep the same control. A new coach isn’t solving anything.
    Cowboys have overrated players. They are not the caliber team people say they are. They basically suck

All up in the videos....

This team is done. Even if they get to the playoffs.

    Gaydy Donley


Kaptain KoRn

I’d rather just see the Cowboys lose to the redskins. Might as well.

    James Gary

    Wrong, the Cowboys will win and make it to the playoffs and win 2 playoffs games. I have spoken it and it will manifest

    Michael Smith

    James Gary I wish I had your confidence!! Anyway… ✭ GO COWBOYS! ✭


    James Gary HA


I agree with Nate that Rush may be a better choice at this point given Dak’s inability to even practice. I think what Tank was saying was that the secondary gave too much cushion to start and Wentz was releasing the ball quickly to take advantage of it (and that the coaches did nothing about it).

Gilbert Dennis

Okay 👌 so if we have the second best rooster, what is the real problem with this team??

    Basilio Morales

    It the whole coaching team


Nate on that koolaid hard,😂😂😂

    James Gary

    I’m drinking the Kool-Aid and it’s real good because my Cowboys are going to the playoffs and they will win 2 playoff games.


    Thatmeat yes he is lol

    matt geddis

    @James Gary your delusional lol

    Christian Fisherman Adventures

    And Dak is still trash congrats

Joe Morales

I hope eagles lose and Cowboys lose also, let’s see what really goes down😂😂😂

    James Gary

    I want the Cowboys to win and they will win and the Eagles will lose to the Giants, also my Cowboys will win 2 playoff games. I have spoken and let it be written

    Basilio Morales

    Eagles will take it on less boys win

    Joel Hasbun

    @James Gary nah

Gilbert Dennis

That’s a shame Dallas Cowboys don’t have a back up quarterback they can trust


    Gilbert Dennis They may have to look at a draft pick that can challenge Dak for the starting position and not settle for a back up role.

    Gilbert Dennis

    I agree ☝️, because if Dak Prescott goes down they have nothing, a good college player might give Dak a challenge and help him up his game.


Nate you just keep doing your thing Bruh! I will have one more glass of that Nate Koolade….I’m so far gone anyway!!!

matt geddis

Nate looks like he smoked weed before came on the show

    Gaydy Donley

    I need a sack now.

    Dead Lion

    Gaydy Donley so does DLaw


    matt geddis This team’s underachieving make me want to smoke up too. It’s probably what got him focused and killing on the show lately.

StarStruck *

I can’t even listen to you guys blame everyone and not hold Dak accountable for his terrible game. A couple of drops don’t make us lose this game, but Dak’s poor play, from the beginning, does. Sorry, but it was Dak’s loss! He played horrible! You watch this game over and over you see wide open receivers being missed all over the place. Dak didn’t read the field, plain and simple. Balls thrown short, thrown behind, thrown high, thrown too hard…OMG! Tired of hearing about Dak’s shoulder too. If it was hurt, then why when he took off running did he go right shoulder first into the LB who was trying to stop him. Rush could have beat this practice club team. He should have at least been given the chance. If not, then put Dak back in, but at least try!
I have never wanted the Cowboys to lose, but I want to watch Philthy get embarrassed in R1 of the playoffs. Lets get off this roller coaster and just start over. Bring on Urban Meyer and lets start JARWINNING again!


    StarStruck * Facts!

Michael Holt

If our Cowboys win the division (by some miraculous way) on Sunday the division champ hats and shirts should hit the dumpsters faster than the speed of light. The team doesn’t need to even see them, just keep winning.

ΛLΛΠ 1993

it already feels like we in the offseason.


Shouldn’t this show be called hangin with the losers?

David Copperfield’s Love Child

After reviewing the play again, I can’t believe that Shannon had the balls to say that Tony Pollard “got outside too quick.”
Are you serious?! The assignment was BLOWN by Smitty, Pollard ran his play and got blown up. GTFOH!

D'Angela Stewart

Good show ..
Jesse was on point today

Dwight D. Williams

Very good final point “root of JeSSii.”



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