Blueprint: It Takes Two | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Blueprint: It Takes Two | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Nick Eatman gives his blueprint for the Cowboys’ final regular season game, and reveals if he thinks the Cowboys are headed to the playoffs.

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Eagles, with the same lousy team situation, won 10 in a row last season, into the playoffs. Dallas has been too underwhelming this season.

Stacey Fonseca

Can’t support this team anymore. Terrible QB and coach.

IncogNito Revived

Cowboy D can’t stop the run. Until they can, they will never make it through any playoffs.


Dallas does not deserve to be in the post season…and they definitely do not deserve to be in the post season because of the failures of other teams. If they cannot get there on their own merits then what’s the point? Honestly, does anyone see this team going past the 1st round?

Rob 🔺Youngblood. 🎧🎸☕️🏄‍♂️

The only blueprint for victory is to lock up Jerry Jones in the attic let him stop running this team into the ground


    I’d rather he DIE.


Another wasted year.

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