Will ‘Boys Salvage Season? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Will ‘Boys Salvage Season? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Despite dropping to 7-8, the Cowboys head into Sunday’s season finale needing a win over Washington and an Eagles loss to the Giants to clinch with NFC East. Bill Jones, Nate Newton and Rick Gosselin discuss the Cowboys’ chances of defeating Washington and much more.

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andrew topliff

Go Pack

B- Rad

no, just fire JG and pay a decent coach and try for next year. jerry jones step down from GM.

Julian C

Does any of this matter? JJ only reason why this team hasnt done anything for 30 years. Remember when Cowboys needed to win at Giants to get home field and ran Emmitt with a bad shoulder until the end but you go ro this game Zeke 13 times. Just a toxic franchise cause of 1 man JJ.


YAWN!!! I wish Trump would buy the Cowboys and make them great again


    LOL Jerry Jones is the same type of person as Trump lol.

    aaron rogers

    Don’t bring that bullshit trump trash in this. This is football leave it at that fucktard


Zeke 25 carries per game equals Cowboys 12 or 13 wins…not rocket science. Jerry and Garrett need to be gone but we are stuck with the elitist oil man but maybe this will finally be the end of Mr Bland.


    That’s what fans get for getting the off coordinator fired. Linehan has a winning record. The cowboys have the highest point differential +82 for a team with a losing record (7-8) in the SB era. That’s unacceptable. Cowboys don’t need to run the Boise st style offense in the pros. That’s why the cowboys only beat the lesser teams in the pros this season.

Brian Waller

No 25% of the team mentally checked out 3 games ago. By Sunday that’s up to 50% by 4th quarter it’s up to 80% of the team has mentally planned their vacations


Misleading title; should be “Will the Giants Salvage the Cowboys season?”


    I can’t recall a single team ever helping the cowboys make the playoffs.

    Years ago the cowboys could have made the playoffs with a 9ers home win but the 9ers sat players. (It was I believe with Steve young at qb)


    Factz. Same thing I thought when I read the title. How could they possibly salvage this season. Only way they get in is if the giants win. I’m a die hard cowboys fan and knowing the boys eagles will lose but so will the cowboys. Smh another season down the drain.


    Merk1904 I hear ya. Part of me wants it to be over and another part of me wants to root for a win and a eagles loss but man I don’t think I wanna see us match up against the 9ers or the Seahawks either haha. If we couldn’t do it against the hurt eagles team then who knows how that game will turn out

Ro L

On the next episode of the Cowboys. Will Demarcus Lawerence get a full sack? Will Ezekiel Elliot get 25 carries? Will Jason Garrett not smile? Same Cowboy Channel Same Primetime Slot 4:25 folks.

Calvin Adams

I don’t won’t to hear nothing about the players. Owner and coaching staff is the same problem for years.


It won’t “salvage the season” for the Eagles to lose their own Win and In chance.

Silver Ancient

Fire Garrett

Jason DOE

What did Zeke do with his first 5 carries…nothing, but put the team in the hole!

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