Ha Ha Clinton-Dix talks about facing his former team the Green Bay Packers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Football Addict

Your mission is to pick off that #12 on green bay

    January Bears

    At the endzone in the 4th quarter.


    He will.

Logan Kinsella

Idk maybe 5th GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Go bears bring on the packers

King Mouse

Hopefully the bears can stop Aaron once he gets on fire packers will win


Ha ha is ready for the packers


Pick aaron off for a pick 6 TD.

    willl 88

    would be sweet

Lock#20 Down#72

Can we please re sign him after this season


    He wants to get paid. Deon Bush will be starting unless they sign someone else.

    AlmightyyPack 1

    Lock#20 Down#72 how has he been playing this season?πŸ€”

    Lock#20 Down#72

    @AlmightyyPack 1 I’d say pretty good


    @Football Addict Thank you haha

    Nicholas Pergolizzi

    @tg072185 oh god no ! please not Bush ,he blows

JP Bear Down Fam!

Legendary! Part of helping Chicago Bears become a Dynasty! GSH! Go Bears!

Wolfie Gacha

We can win this game πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

pv priest

His reactions to HIcks being back is the same I have

Cw Wc

You know AWod, now put on!! 🐻 DOWN.

Amahd Cole

The bears must win game stop making it easy for the packers offense


Added Motivation Haha, Looking forward to it Bro! πŸ»β¬‡

classical dame


    AlmightyyPack 1

    classical dame how has he been doing this season?

    classical dame

    @AlmightyyPack 1 Checked it out: Total 66 tackles, 54 solo, and 2 interceptions for 96 yards. Gotta question: who would my guys get? Will they draft a couple of guys from college? Bears need a quarter back… preferably someone who can run, read defenses, pass…I love Trubitsky… our guys just need another quarterback.

willl 88

hicks back… offense clicking…oh man

Johnny Homebase

This secondary needs to start making more plays on the ball Kyle only has 3 picks and Eddie is killing me with only one

    Nicholas Pergolizzi

    picks arent everything Kyle has a low af passer rtg against, is a great tackler and rarely gives up big plays . I’ll take that over a guy like marcus peters or Cromartie that would gamble and try to jump routes all the time

el indio

Feelin Good No Doubt Lets Go BEARS

Legend Gotta Catch Em All

We can win this game man!!!! Let’s get that spot!!!


HHCD!!!!! πŸ»β¬‡οΈ

Reese Williams

Haha definitely needs to be re signed he is truly great at what he does. BEAR DOWN

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