Akiem Hicks on facing Green Bay: There’s always animosity – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
George Lewis

Love you bears, keeping fighting strong

Freddy Krewga

Bone Crusher is back


I really hope he can play. I miss him being on the field so much

    Johnny Homebase

    Its green bay…… He’s playing


    Johnny Homebase I saw, he was suited up with a sleeve and a brace around his arm in practice


my favorite bear by far, he understands the roots of chicago vs green bay, he is a leader of our defense, Kmack is not the same without him, our defense is not the same without him, and he is an absolute monster when he is out there and im happy he is playing for our team, i hope he retires a bear.

    De'Angelo Hickman

    Danny is the leader but Hicks is one… Hicks arguably most consistent and important

    Legend Gotta Catch Em All

    NTBRO 🙌🏽🙌🏽

Jose Gallegos

BEAR DOWN!!!HICKS sound great!!!

Pablo Moreno

We missed u know let’s get to work

JP Bear Down Fam!

Love the beard! Tight and clean! Legendary! Mr. Hicks helping to build a Dynasty in Chi-town! Go Bears! GSH! Bear Down Fam!

Pauly Chicago

Its gonna hurt not having roquan out there but so glad to see our brick wall is back

    Mirza Baig

    Roquan is Beast but Pierre-Louis brings alot of hustle. He got pressure on Dak last week. And Kwiatkowski has a past history of coming up big against the Packers

    Pauly Chicago

    @Mirza Baig let’s hope so. Roquan has the speed to keeps those holes closed and if we dont this weekend we’ll have to be great down field

    I Can't State an opinion on the Internet

    A soul for a soul

    Johnny Homebase

    Nick will be resigned, Trevathan won’t

    Andrew S.

    Dude did you watch 57? An absolute monster watch his college highlights. I would rather start Roquan and 57 over 44 or even 59

Bear from Buxte

Akiem 💙🧡🐻⬇️

Jeric Andrzejewskii

Man I really want this win Sunday!!! 🐻⬇️

    Mykal Myers

    Don’t worry we gone GET IT 💯


The energy will be palpable if he starts vs Green Bay on Sunday!

Mirza Baig

Which in code means he will play. Perhaps his snaps will be limited.

Kevin Tross

I love That he called it “the green jersey” I don’t even call by their name, they are simply just the team from Wisconsin

Kevin Moy

This mans absence is why Khalil Mack hasnt been Khalil Mack this season. That’ll change Sunday.

    Johnny Homebase

    Hell yeah it will, i see floyd getting 2 sacks, mack getting 2 sacks, and Hicks getting 1


It’s always a pleasure listening to Akiem talk. The kind of personality that makes you shut up.


Looks like a bear, plays like a bear….yeah, hes a BEAR! 🐻⬇️💯💯💯

    Mykal Myers

    The strongest 🐻 we got.

Daniel Martinez

Akiem is so articulate… love this guy! Great leader

Michael Coffey

I really really hope he is able to play vs Green Bay, having said that not if he is not 100% he is too important long term to the team and the locker room.


Hope he has a great return vs the “Green jersys” I love this guy. Akiem for president.

Chad Long

I’m calling it – this guy will end up in a broadcast booth within 10 years.

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