Doug Pederson Provides Updates on Alshon Jeffery, Jordan Howard, & More | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Doug Pederson Provides Updates on Alshon Jeffery, Jordan Howard, & More | Eagles Press Conference

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson meets with the media to provide injury updates, Robert Davis' performance this week during practice, and more.

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Daz Dealz

Someone please explain to me How all these injuries are taking this long? A STINGER?!?! Really?

    TK the 7th

    Philadelphia Eagles Medical Staff. Also, I believe some players are bs’in and don’t want to play and just want to make it healthy to free agency.

    Mike D

    Daz Dealz seems like we get more injuries than anyone else. It’s not normal…

    Anthony Perry


    Steff Cuddi

    Anthony Perry that superbowl costed all our players health

Mike D

Cut Jeffery, he isn’t the player he was in 2017. Some of these guys get older and their skills diminish. Alshon is slow and his hands aren’t even the same. Time to get some hungry young bloods in there who cost a fraction of the price. Not to mention, he doesn’t like Carson, and he talks trash to the media. Time to go! Thanks for 2017… LATER!

    Mike D

    Cut Nelson too… dead weight


    Also cut the guys who are full dogs and just sitting on the bench bc of injuries..

Jordan Roman

Im thinking maybe our stadium staff should look in to possibly changing the playing surface at the Linc. I see a lot of players over the years hurt their foot both our guys and the road team. But especially this year with Alshon’s bad injury. A lot of non contact injuries for us on our own home field.

Mike D

2017 is the past, we aren’t winning the superbowl with those guys again, move on like the Patriots do and keep building around Carson and Fletcher.

Mike D

How many games do we have to lose before Doug and Howie realize that Aguilar can’t catch?


Get fired up Coach! Man you look like your on a sedative/we have an opportunity/don’t pass it up!

Eric Day

What is going on with Jordan Howard, ? My god, a stinger and the guy is done, wow.

    Vitamin X

    Yes, there are different degrees of severity. It depends on how bad the nerve is compressed. If it doesn’t heal up quick, it could lag for 4-6 weeks and heal very slowly.

Dominique Ballou

Whos excited Alshon will be out?? (not that he’s hurt but just not having him seems to spark the pass game, he and Wentz lack chemistry for whatever reason)


    Not excited he’s out, but I’m excited to see young guys step up. JJAW, Ward, Davis, maybe even Michel really have a chance to show us something.

Dominique Ballou

Issue with Wentz fumbles.
1. Ball security
3. Bad snaps!!

Anthony Perry

Do we bring Jordan Howard back next year??? Seriously I’m leaning towards no at this point…..we apparently need younger players who is going to be on the field…..what weird is Howard didn’t get hurt until he came here

    Miguel Janerios

    Howard is pretty young though. He is like 26 or so.

Anthony Perry

It is something that we get more foot and ankle injuries than any other team out there….is it the field itself?

Jackson Brown

The fumble drill is working out fine. He’s great at fumbling. The real question is how does he throw to receiver s 4 feet away in the dirt?

    Miguel Janerios

    Carson hasnt been that innaccurate… a bigger issue is probably that they have been calling like 50 passes a game. Running the ball a bit more would make everybody have an easier job.

Jackson Brown

My question is how does a core injury with Deshaun Jackosn week 2 not get better? Even if he had a hernia the recovery time is like a month

    Miguel Janerios

    He reinjured it vs the bears. It tore even worse.

Jackson Brown

One other thing is can we stop calimgl this new wide receiver Boston Scott ? Can we call him Philly Scott?

    Gryanobli Barfield

    He’s a running back

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