Giants GM Dave Gettleman on Interviewing Joe Judge for Head Coach | New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Brandon M

The Godfather aka Dave Gettleman


    Teflon don

    Kung fu Kenny

    Dapper Don Dave

    Can we be the most subscribed channel on YouTube ?

    Brandon M hog father *

    cracka fantastic

    Dave popashot G man

Christian Hinojosa


    James Patrick




    Isaiah Ling


    Gian Smith


Daniella Cortez

Plz don’t let us down next season, we’re counting on you 恫

Jeffrey Abbey

Dave and this organization are TRYING

Can’t fault them for that. They want to get things right.

Blessings to the organization and fans

Can we get out of the dark ages already

    ian rachelson

    Jeffrey Abbey we can only hope been a rough few years but always bleed giant blue

    Louis Robete

    Danny for QB


Gettleman look’s so nervous. He knows that this coach better win our opener against who ever. Juan bx n.y.

Ambernae Inman

Let’s get it done NYGiants

Bill McMichael

I hope Dave learns from mistakes (free agency, trades, media/ fans) and evolves enough to support Joe and take GMen back to greatness. Wishing him the best.

Wilhelm Heinzerling

“No restarawnts in bahstahn…. only bahs and subshacks…”

Dilly Dilly

Better pick Isaiah Simmons at#4

    Vigilante Justice

    Conklin is not what he use to be. We have to protect DJ’s blind side, I would rather have Thomas over Conklin.

    Vigilante Justice

    The Giants need to spend that money on defense, not another declining LT.

    Dilly Dilly

    @Vigilante Justice lol what are you talking about? Conklin isn’t declining hes still mid 20s and getting better. And hes a RT I want him to replace remmers. I only see gettlemen trying to sign another DE and a FS…there are plenty of tackles in the draft…Simmons is the player the giants need to draft protecting dj isnt going to stop ertz and guice from hurting us when it matters

    Vigilante Justice

    @Dilly Dilly Conklin is a LT wtf are you talking about?

    Joseph Marc

    @Dilly Dilly Conlkin is definitely a RT, Judge mentioned in his opening press conference defending the run/rushing the passer/blocking up front are what he wants his teams to be built on. Getting Thomas or my preference trading down to select Wirfs, Epenesa & Biadasz fits that mission statement, not selecting a coverage LB #4.

Leon Weikel

We need a good offensive/defensive coordinator now.

Charles Amofordjuoh

Trade down in the draft

    ThatOneGuy 123

    Charles Amofordjuoh who would trade with us? LA? Maybe Miami?

    Charles Amofordjuoh

    @ThatOneGuy 123 either Miami or Carolina will trade for our spot

    Ronnie B

    Charles Amofordjuoh why would you trade down when you have a top 5 pick ? You can get a hall of fame immediate impact player at 4. You never trade down, if anything you trade up

    Joseph Marc

    @Ronnie B No player is guaranteed to be a hall of fame immediate impact player i.e. Andrew Luck. The more selections you have the more likely you are to hit on those selections. Plus the Giants have many needs. I don’t think the Giants can find a trading partner, but I’m hoping a team like the Jaguars will give up their 2 first round picks to slide up to 4 to replace Ramsey. Then the Giants can add players like Wirfs, Epenesa and/or Biadasz(trading back into later round 1)

    Mr. Zay



Gettleman gets such a bad rap. He was given a roster that was completely decimated by Reese’s awful drafting and no cap space. Dave’s been here for 2 years only! Yes, he makes some questionable decisions but the man has potentially found the most important piece to a football team (QB). Let’s give the guy some time and support. Go big blue!

    John Murphy

    Honestly hes only really been here one year because wasnt he fighting off the last bit of his cancer in his first year? Or am I wrong ?

Kung fu Kenny

That’s my GM!

Jorge Martinez

Oh gosh, do I have to listen…………well, I’m here now. So, guess I’ll have to. Never was a fan of the guy, you see the end result. Will it turn into wins next season, I don’t know. I followed my for 30+ years, and I’ve never been as disappointed as I was all season.

Mike Harper

Having a beer in a bah

Mystery Master

Gettleman isn’t stupid.
Look at his drafts!
He whiffed on Pat S.
He’s not going to whiff again.

Juan Guerrero

To be honest, I don’t care what this GM clown says anymore. If the hire of Judge pays of or not. This GM clown has to go cause as long as he is here I see this organization as a whole not doing good next season.

Breakfast1boi PSN

I foresee WINS

J Black

Mr Harvey Weinstein himself.


I was at tha baaah lastnight

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