Giants President John Mara on the Decision to Hire Joe Judge | New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
dj devon

Man I love coach already.

frankie ochoa

Let’s go big blue #2020

    cuervo pill


    Michael Caywood

    Keep losing,you guys, keep losing.👎👎👎

    cuervo pill

    We winning

Derrick jay

Listened to Judge’s presser today, We might have something boys and girls, it depends on how its recieved by the players GO GIANTS!

Aaron Dandurand

Like to show support for Joe Judge and Big Blue. Looking forward to 2020-2021 season!

    Richard Pilhofer

    Chelsea stinks

cuervo pill

Big blue we coming 2020!!!

William Figueroa

Super bowl Ny Giants 2021

Jeffrey Abbey

At least the Giants are TRYING to turn things around

That is worth alot

Appreciate it Giants organization

    Cameron Goldberg

    John Mara is a better owner then James Dolan!!!!!!!!

    Cameron Goldberg

    James Dolan sucks!!!!!!


Kept the special teams coach good move already started well

Muz Kamal26

Let’s go gmen

Macky Mode

The one concern I have about Judge is the lack of experience, I mean if they valued special teams background so much aren’t there more qualified candidates in NFL with far more experience? The guy has never been a coordinator on offense/defense, which suggests that he’s not really an x’s & o’s guy, it’ll be very telling just how tuned in he really is when his staff is announced.


    Haven’t we seen enough Giants head coaches with their faces buried in play sheets while things go to hell on the field? Shurmur was an outstanding offensive coordinator in Minnesota, but it certainly didn’t serve him well as a head coach. There are countless examples like him. It takes leadership and a generalist approach to be a head coach. That said, success will be dependent on the quality of the coaches he surrounds himself with.

Michael R.

This was one of the best choices the Mara’s ever made. Parcels, Taylor, Manning, Carson, Jacobs, Bradshaw, Anderson, Burt, Oats, and on and on, and now Judge. This guy can maybe break the top 10. With Judge I think the N.Y. football giants are back.


Joe Judge may only be 38, but that was a very impressive introductory press conference today. This Giants fan of 50+ years has gone from disgusted to very encouraged. Just give him and Gettleman the time and support they need.

Whip Johnson

The Judge blew me away today! I’m much more optimistic today than I thought I would be

Bill McMichael

Mr. Mara is intelligent enough to understand Coach Judge is a rookie and will make mistakes. Please give him a chance to learn his craft and let’s get off this coaching carousel, it’s NOT the Giants way!

Ambernae Inman

Let’s go !! Big blue!! 💙

Boss Mon L.A

I’m convinced #bigblue

kev cav

id rather be lucky than smart – born right – screwed up our name


Come on mR Mara make your father proud again

HAW 1320--- High Altitude Whips CEO

Good job getting judge but your still a pos John Mara. .. man the faq up and make this team win

alex gennaro

He thought that about the other 2 morons he hired! So what’s the point! His favorite game is darts in the dark

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