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Stephen Harris

5 rushing attempts by chubb and hunt in the first half.

    William Anthony

    @Stephen Harris -There’s two schools of thought. First, Kitchens is a first year head coach with potential, learning on the job as he goes. Second, Kichens is ill prepared to be a head coach, and is in way over his head. I’m certainly not happy with his performance by any stretch of the imagination, but I suspect both schools of thought have some elements of truth in regard to his abilities. Would we have had a better record with a more experienced coach? Probably. Should we be running the ball more? Definitely! Will Kitchens be back next year? That’s the million dollar question. In the history of the NFL, some pretty impressive head coaches have had some pretty bad first seasons.

    Personally, the only way (I’d) bring him back, is if we win out our season and end up 9-7. That’s our one and ONLY hope of making the playoffs, but even if we miss, a 9-7 record is the only thing that justifies, as far as I’m concerned, sticking with Kitchens. If we end up 8-8, or heaven forbid, worse, Kitchens should get fired. That’s just my opinion of course, and fortunately I’m not the one making decisions regarding the team’s future.

    running beard

    @Duzzit Matter Haha, he is just stating the fact: 5 rushing attempts… he didn’t say anything specific about that, it’s you that assume a hell of lot. BTW, they’d turn the ball over a lot less if Baker wasn’t throwing 20+ yards down field on virtually every pass.

    running beard

    @Stephen Harris I’ve no doubt Freddie intended to run a lot more than they did, but wasn’t expecting the turnovers. However… if he calls for plays to go downfield every single pass, then yeah, turnovers are going to happen. I think they have yet to take full advantage of Hunt, particularly in the passing game. The swing pass that went for 29 was basically a long running play, yet they rarely use this.


    “It WaS a GoOd wIn” -freddie kitchens


I’m glad that we won but I still want a new coach.


    Agreed fire this fat face slob who don’t know how to call plays


    this man is the reason our players cannot show them who they really are. fire freddie!

    90s Jaded

    Jimbo440 ginga

jake b

this isn’t the first time they’ve won this season where it feels like a loss at the same time


    jake b I feel like every win feels like a loss even miami lol browns have yet to dominate a team

    jake b

    Jackson the only win that feels good is the baltimore one at the beginning of the year lol

dolomite Rydah

if cleveland makes Chubb and Hunt the focus of the offense the Browns would win games.

    Cody Chismark

    Ikr, let Baker develop and be a run offense

    Smiley Lowkey

    You can’t do that if you don’t have a decent line

    artie clayy

    Exactly. Mack and Byner 2.0! we have every piece to recreate the success of the Kardiak Kids. of the early 80s.
    Hunt and Chubb >= Mack and Byner
    Landry and Beckham>= Slaughter and Brennan and Logan
    Njoku <= Newsome Mayfield >=SIpe
    Ward and Williams >= Minnifield and DIxon
    Wilson < Matthews Garrett > Alzado


    Smiley Lowkey next year they need to invest in the o line to open up even more more running room and holes for chubb and hunt


Freddie: Please, John! Let me stay! We didn’t have the talent this year!
John: Okay, Freddie. We’ll keep you and trade/release all these awful players.

Ronald Storberg

All this talk about firing Freddie Kitchens and the disappointment in the 2019 Browns. Unrealistic expectations by everyone prior to the season even beginning set the bar higher than was attainable. A few exceptional skilled players at key positions makes the team look much better than they have performed but we need to all keep in mind we are working with a second year quarterback, a first year head coach and a group of men that are learning to work as a team. This all takes time. We are on course and have a good shot at finishing 500 for the first time in 10 years. The last five years have been 7-9 in 2014 under Mike Pettin followed by seasons of 3-13 / 1-15 / 0-16 and last year at 7-8. We all need to calm down, let the team come together and give our young quarterback and coaching staff time to improve. We have the leagues number 1 rusher in Chubb, a receiving corp that can do nothing but continue to improve if they can keep the noise from the outside effecting their growth and performance and a coaching staff that I believe is sending the right message to the players. Just my 2 cents.

Nick Floris

Bad call on the Chief


Was at the game today, great time. Refs may not have made it out of there. The second half has to be our identity….period.

Captain Hendo

Good job today, Freddie! End strong!

    Shawn Higgins



    Shawn Higgins yup and the browns will be back to being 0-16 sadly

We Are God

Cleveland doesn’t like the idea of having an offensive coordinator.

    ClayMiA OniTunes

    We Are God no Freddie doesn’t

    We Are God

    @ClayMiA OniTunes We didn’t with Hugh either. It makes us look cheap, like we don’t want to pay for that position.

    mr sticky

    @We Are God we still have one but freddy does his job

B skrilz

Man these reporters know they’d be reaching for 💩

Brad Pritt

Was at the game and coouldn’t believe some of the calls! The officiating this year has been atrocious!


Does dude forget Chubb and Hunt are on his roster every week?

    david sanders


    William Anthony

    Wasn’t Kitchens a quarterback? That may have something to do with his mystifying reluctance to run the ball more often. OR, maybe he’s saving the big running game for a particular situation. All I know is that if he intends to go 9-7, it’s going to take every tool he has at his disposal to pull it off!!!

    Ice J

    William Anthony he was


*Freddie, is a good ol’ boy, but the Browns need a good Head Coach.*
*There just ain’t no demand for good ol’ boys, right now.*


Andy Dalton looked better than Baker…Freddie’s offense is absolutely horrid and cancerous.


Chubb,hunt, Beckham

    mr sticky


    LIL TY G

    @mr sticky USE THEM THATS WHAT

    mr sticky

    then say that?

Dane Hart

best runner in the game . a run the ball 1st if there weak vs the run .going on 2 nd year of run the ball browns , working into year 3 . keep Odell

The Aquamancer

Freddie Kitchens is probably someone I would trust if he told me he was the manager of a discount tire store. He could even pull off a great Theodore the Chipmunk cosplay. But as a head coach? Not a chance.

running beard

Freddie puts the blame on Baker’s turnovers as to why they didn’t run more…
The problem is, most of the pass plays are designed to go down field, and that takes time.
They have a shaky OL right now, an injured OBJ and no Njoku until now.
So should anyone be surprised that Baker is throwing more INTs than TDs?
I was shocked when he swung one out to Hunt (went for 29yds)… where was THAT since Hunt joined the team?? Maybe if they designed more quick high percentage passes to move the chains, we’d have less turnovers, and Hunt would be more involved

Pat Pellegrino

A difficult win against a 1 and 12 Cincinnati Bungles team doesn’t impress me….Don’t know if you can tell…but, I’m still pissed about last week when we PISSED away our playoff chances against the hated, (but well coached steelers). Maybe next year with a new coach, and all this supposed talent, we can eek it into the playoffs for us loyal Browns fans!

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