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LoVeyou Vibes

Rip juice wrld didn’t pass 21💔

    Rob M

    Good to win, but we still need to fire freddy

    LoVeyou Vibes

    Rob M GO browns

    Jay C

    Freddie Kitchens doesn’t belong in Cleveland as a Head coach

Purple Squid

Gooooooooo browns

Beastmode Nation#6

Freddie kitchens play calling was still horrible

    Eric Markle

    And so were the refs yet again


    Especially 2nd half. So many times they tried to pass under 5 minutes when we should have been milking clock. But nooo, Freddie in his infinite wisdom had incomplete passes, players running out of bounds etc. Same old! Lucky to escape with a win here against the worst team in the league.


    Announcers for CBS were worse than Freddie’s play calling!!

    Jim Harris

    @brown55061 I don’t understand how many of us fans can see what you said and Kitchens either can’t or just refuses to accept this FACT!

Beastmode Nation#6

Offense don’t look right..

    Edward Gaines

    It should’ve been a blowout. I don’t see the Browns beating the Cardinals.


    Edward Gaines It could happen. I didn’t see the Browns beating the Ravens the first time.

Larriors blew a 3-1 lead #CriedToKD

Bengals for life

    The Jamz

    Larriors blew a 3-1 lead #CriedToKD You guys lost

Edward Oorjitham

Need to commit to the run early and let the play action come. Defense good in red zone. Gotta beat cards!
Go Browns!!

Sandman Huffmaster

Baker is 3-0 against the Bengals


Hell we’ve lost a few games where we dominated the stat lines

Edward Gaines

The sun was literally shining on Browns stadium. So I’d say it was a pretty day, Nathan. 🌞

David and luz pranks and videos

Play off time

1 1

Baker lit it upppppp baby

    Dewayne Cooper

    Lol lit what up ? He had 0tds 2int his rating was 38.9 this game was terrible baker is waaay better than this

    1 1

    @Dewayne Cooper sarcastically sad brother.

J Farnsworth

Barely beat the worst team in the NFL, at home…..sure, lets celebrate……NO


A hideous and unconvincing win against a team that’s in freefall? Are we going to the Super Bowl now?

Big D 63

WOW beating the Bengals great job

Robert Janko

Especially for a young team with a rookie coach it wouldve been better to have the “easy” games in the start of the season. To glue and to grow. Seiberts kick were really good for the circumstances.

Thomas May

They only gave Chubb like 13 carries

Felipe Buril Fontes

Terrible team. Loaded with talent and still has a hard time beating the bengals lol

Tim Clark

What was the conversation before this game?
Every other coach: “Chubb’s the leading rusher, and the Bengals are dead last in run defense. Seems pretty clear what we need to do.”
Kitchens: “Yep. Going to air it out.”
Every other coach: “Uhhh”
Kitchens: “Yep. Let’s give the ball to Chubb 3 times total in the first half. Other than that, we PASS!!”
Every other coach: “But–”
Every other coach: “–Yep, no other way to beat the Bengals other than in the air.”

Jay C

Fire Freddie


Go Browns

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