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Fleet Fox Reply

Pretty clear what the team should be. Run the damn ball early, often, and repeatedly. Playaction to Landry and OBJ. Hodge is a nice player, but he shouldn’t be getting targets when you have Chubb, Hunt, Landry, OBJ, Njoku, etc.

    Jim Harris Reply

    NOTHING is more clear then that yet Kitchens is making it complicated.

    Rick Kilchenman Reply

    I agree with you.

    Isaiah Jones Reply

    I have been screaming this since game 1. I dont understand why they cant see this

Molly Butler Reply

Baker you’ve got fans in Texoma who watched you every game your senior year at Norman and switched our NFL Cowboy jerseys for Browns jerseys when you got drafted—we are rooting for you and for the Browns!!! —the Butlers

    Pug Reply

    so you root for players and not teams? how worthless

    StayGold PonyBoy Reply

    Love it !!! Thats so cool

    Arav Bhatt Reply

    baker said “i hate texas” and ur a FAN??? LMAO

    AngelTheFiend Reply

    Damn girl you thirsty

browns1ism Reply

Btw game ball Kudos to Nick Chubb best player on the team classy player Jarvis Landry who is a professional and plays hard every play Kareem Hunt who’s playing hard the offensive line today open holes for the running backs and the defense played well today great job hope they all get game balls.

Stuart Otis Reply

Well, the Browns were 1-31 in 2016 and 17. They won 7 games and got a tie last year and they’ve won 6 so far and still have the potential to win 9. I’d say they’ve improved dramatically.

    Ken M Reply

    Stuart Otis except everyone is calling for our coaches job. Some Cleveland fans never cease to amaze me.

    JoshuaRyanErwin Reply

    Finally someone who looks at where we currently stand vs where we’ve been with some damn sense. The bar was set way to high in the off season by the MSM. We’re not as bad as people make us out to be just because we haven’t been as good as people made us out to be. It’s all a process and we’re headed in the right direction. Just need a few more pieces and a little more time to get it all put together. We’ll get there. Here we go, Brownies!

    omieg89 Reply

    Stuart Otis i really hope they tune out the outside noise and keep the current regime. This team is finally stabilizing.

    George Kerr Reply

    Anyone can see in the games they’ve lost they’re massively outcoached(the last Pittsburgh game). There is no plausible reason why they should of lost to a 4th string an what a joke.

Zkarter Reply


Heather Males Reply

Fire Freddie

Kifo Reply

At least it’s a win I guess?

    AngelTheFiend Reply

    youre supposed to win against the 1-13 Bengals

tj Reply

*It was a really good day for Baker, he only threw 2 picks and completed 48% of his passes, and didn’t fumble once.*

    James Kirk Reply

    Lol, True.

    James Kirk Reply

    Lol, True.

tj Reply

*Baker always looks like he been on about a 3 day bender.*

alwaysreturnNurgirl Reply

Baker looks like a homeless man who just freshened up in a public restroom

    terrell jones Reply


    P.M. Hart Reply

    It’s called truckstop chic

    P.M. Hart Reply

    Aka oklahoma

    Alex Cika Reply


yungboy swag Reply

Anybody else getting a Clark Kent kinda vibe from baker 🤣🤣

    Justan Baker Reply

    Uh……. no

    Cenk Zappa Reply

    I get a Rex Grossman vibe…

Captain Ricco Reply

LMAO at the grind question!!! Woof!!! We are going to have trouble with Steelers IF we make it into the playoffs. GO BAKER!!!! You legend!!!

Shawn Higgins Reply


    Jeff Warren Anderson Reply

    Jeez… Please be sure you keep a copy of your “analysis” for the future… If you are a Cleveland fan… I think you will be proud in the not distant future. I believe Mr. B.M. IS and will be more successful… and his team mates will rally behind him… like they always have… there is a reason for his success… He appears to me… to be an above average young man. I disagree with you and I think he will help Cleveland and The Browns return to a level of greatness. This year has been disappointing to put it mildly… a down right torture:) but I watch him and feel that he and The Browns FACE their adversity without fear… without quit… and I trust Dorsey to guide this ship… if Freddie should go… he will cut him… I trust Dorsey more than all these other folks. I don’t think Dorsey is a coward when it comes to tough decisions. Go Browns!

LIL TY G Reply

He looks like he sings for a British rock group

    Norman whitlock Reply

    I’m from Britain so what’s wrong with that?, LOL.

    LIL TY G Reply

    @Norman whitlock absolutely nothing i like British rock bands 😎

LIL TY G Reply

Hell maybe next year lol🤷‍♂️

Mr. Richardson Reply

I’m a Browns fan…….. but is it just me or does Baker have one of those punchable faces lol

Sam Young Reply

4:00 THAT’S MY QB!!! Everyone the in the World knows that was catch. The refs this game were trash for both teams. SMH. But watch money hungry Goddell is going fine him. But if TB12 or Aaron Rodgers said it, it would be glossed over. #StillMyQB #IstandwithBaker

John Kenny Reply

Look out training room here comes the bus… Lol

B Miles Reply

Baker looks like the third guy they interview on Law and Order SVU.

P.M. Hart Reply

Baker looking extra Oklahoma in this

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