Freddie Kitchens Analyzes Week 17 Loss to Cincinnati | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Gabe L.

See ya later Freddie. Wish you were good. You’re a nice man but a bad head coach.


    And a bad organization. Dorsey and Haslet need to look in the mirror just the same.


    Devlins10 They really do. Dorsey blew this season. I still think overall the team is headed in the right direction. The roster only needs a few tweaks. It’s absolutely critical to find a real head coach RN tho.

C Jizzle BMG

Smh i hope freddie and wilks get fired! #DawgPound

    FF noob pumpington

    Will u must be happy rn

jake b

gregg williams nearly won the same amount of games in literally half the time as him and we let him go

    Larry Frye

    I wish Greg Williams would have got the head coach job. I think he’s a lot better! Now to the draft & next season. GO BROWNS!


    I called this a year ago. Gregg actually had us fighting each and every game and we fired him yet we looked so damn good…….to hire a guy who hadn’t been an OC for more than half a season.

    David Stacy

    No team in this league would hire Gregg Williams as their HC. He has too much of a bad rap due to his Bountygate history and is a PR nightmare for owners.

Al Jaffal

You can tell by his voice at the beginning of the press conference, that he knew on the inside that he was getting fired. Nice guy and good person but not cut out for the job, good luck to you in the future Freddie, but it won’t be in orange and brown!

    D M

    @Ted Brenneman don’t have to worry about that now

    Ted Brenneman

    D M Nope. I genuinely feel bad for Freddie. He just wasn’t head coach material. Pray to God that the Haslam’s and Dorsey learned from this and get somebody experienced and proven.


    @Broadstreet Flyers95 no one would have had them at 10-6. No one.


    100%. when they asked him about losing his job it was really shaky voice, and he had his hat down over his eyes. i really do feel bad for him but it just wasn’t meant

Lt. Dan’s Legs

We lost to the Bengals….the BENGALS!

    born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

    As a Raven fan, this is absolutely hilarious. I swear Brown’s is the worst organization and Baker is a college level QB still

    Jacob Leaver

    @Dead Disney youll still suck next year


    It’s very rare that the Browns are better than the Bengals. You should still be used to it


    Yes we have lost to the Bengals more times then we have beaten them….yet we act like we are a real threat.

Aaron Fink

The team loves Freddie so much that they held the final nail so CIN could nail it into his coffin


Say it with me. You’re fired!


    @joshua Rad Thank you.

    joshua Rad

    @alex2405777 lol now pat shurmur needs to get fired

    Bobby Johnson

    alex2405777 “say it with me, “you get Boe Callahan””

    Jason Calhoun

    In my Vince McMahon voice Freddie kitchens your fired!!!!!!!!


    joshua Rad wish granted!


“Please keep me! We didn’t have the talent this season!”

4th and 9 Draw Podcast

“We’re working on 1-0 come pre season”

    Jen Groth

    Right?? He says it’s not a 2nd chance it’s the same chance he took the job last year well then why did you always say we have to go 1-0 after every dang game!!

Jon Doe

The black background Shows it all👀 #HisFate🤦‍♂️🤝

    the one who woke up



    LMAO best comment!


    I feel like the “Sound of Silence” should be playing over this press conference.

K Aguilera

Kitchen’s- I “speculate” you are shown the door… being a nice guy is not the right leadership at this level !!

Geno Smith

U didn’t start Higgins or njoku 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Dawn Scoggins

    Wasted talent!! They should have been playing!!

    Nick Puhl

    Njoku is half assing blocks and they don’t want to get Baker killed

    David Vice Bangura

    He got ahead of him self


    Nick Puhl they sure enough played Greg Robinson who is almost got Baker killed a few times. They could’ve at least used him as a pass catcher.

    RICH 2.0

    Geno Smith i agree with higgins. NOT Njoku.

Shawn Curry

Some guys are just meant to coordinator!!!


Thank the lord he got fired, I can’t handle his pressers


    We’Ll LeArN fRoM oUr MiStAkEs… like bro you’ve been saying that after every game


    @SteezyNick What else should he have said?


    @JazzedHellcat I was just saying he said that after every game he said that, and they hadn’t learned from their mistakes all season


    SteezyNick don’t worry guys, the bad man is gone. I like Freddie as a person but not as a head coach or leader. Just want a good offseason without all the media’s attention


    @Michael yeah ik I’m so happy he got fired tho


Enough already. You’re dead, Fred.


Who’s here after he got fired.


    RiftedShift he’s not bad he’s had some solid passes but also some horrible ones


    Aden last season he did great!! Idk what happened this season tho. He had some great long throws but the routes ran seemed to cause some of those interceptions. I hope the browns do well next season. I’ve only been a browns fan for two years because I actually started to get back into football(and I have family from Ohio) so I hope baker Landry Odell Garret get the wins they deserve and the playoff they wish for! Maybe even a superbowl😄


    Aden just imagine. It’d be crazy to see the browns make it to the AFC final and win it then go onto a Super Bowl. Maybe even win it😂😂like that’d be crazy!!!

    Q Horton

    Before and after..

FF noob pumpington

Lol there’s more dislikes than likes
Just like the losses and wins in browns history

Zack Hawk

“I’m gonna show up tomorrow and do my job” Didnt age well

    Matthew E

    Feel bad for Freddie the person but not Freddie the coach


    That honestly goes to show his incompetence. Put 2 and 2 together man. If he didn’t know your job is on the line then what did he know?

    Zack Hawk

    @selig7 you would figure that he had to know, he seems like a good guy with good intentions, but this is the NFL where coaches need to be great


    Zack Hawk He is a good guy and I feel bad for him because Dorsey should have never hired him. He wasn’t ready and still isn’t. If we don’t nail the next hire I’m out as a lifelong fan.

    Maurandis Berger

    He had to know he was getting fired.

Mark Bowman

I feel like Freddie is a really really good dude and I wish him the best. But I am glad about this decision. He was not ready.

Bobby Johnson

I actually feel bad for Freddie here. Almost appears as if he’s pleading with the front office to keep his job. Brutal press conference

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