Browns vs. Bengals Postgame Analysis (Week 17) | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
browns for life

The end to a disappointment of a season

    Mike Wack 67

    This entire weekend was terrible!

    browns for life

    Mike Wack 67 Ohio state I feel will bounce back next year but the browns are hopeless

Jeremy loosemore

Please please please fix this team the player’s and the fans definitely deserve better than what we have gotten this far for God’s sake I pray 🙏🙏 that this team can be saved

    Parrog AKA Paradise

    Jeremy loosemore nobody deserves this BS


That 4-2 defense so great lololol who needs linebackers

    A W

    It’s a gimmicky college scheme


    @A W it’s garbage ….

    Sean Perkins

    Was at the game yesterday, saw schobert lined up as a corner a handful of times….

Ybndion Russell

Hope we got it next year


Disgusting game. They should all be embarrassed and ashamed at what they did today.

WkB Tingoezz

Still a Browns Fan

Douglas Hickel

I feel bad for Nate because you can tell he genuinely loves the brown’s. I hope next year goes better.

Dewayne Cooper

Fire the media

Chances Bail Bonds

The defense sucked all year ! The o- line is like a turn style…


    Who needs lineman hope they get rb and wr

    Edward Oorjitham

    They need good LBs and a much stronger OL or Baker will get hurt. Agree that our defense needs to improve.

    BigPoppa Z

    @Edward Oorjitham right. Mack was a 5th rounder and he so much better than sione who we took in the 3rd round. Damarious been ok at best at safety. We need some run stoppers and strong safeties in here

ohio aprilbaby

Dont let wilks or Freddie on the bus

Nick Floris

Mixon was able to put his hand in secondary faces and none seemed to duck underneath and take him down.

Tom Hawley

Baker needs 2 stop double pumpin the ball…hes should b releasing it the 1st time……watch the tape…hes throwin the timing off and hes behind or above his receivers….watch the tape…he needs coaching…

Tim Jordan

Factory of Sadness continues since 1999.

Top 10 Wizard

Well it was interesting seeing how many things could possibly go wrong.

King Vortex


Rj S

Well the browns don’t have to try to figure it till next year .
Can’t wait for next year.
Let’s start hyping up

Edward Oorjitham

Good vid Nathan. Enjoyed yr coverage.

Teddy Cabuno Jr

Freddie’s fired 👍

BigPoppa Z

Right guard, left tackle, strong safety, run stopper lbs. And Freddie out of Ohio. That’s what we need

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