Bears’ Best Plays vs. Vikings in Week 17 | Thayer’s Playbook – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Blessed Lord

Who do you want to see challenge Mitch for the starting job?

Marcus Mariota, Jalen Hurts, Jacob Eason, Anthony Gordon or Jake Fromm?

    Wookie Potamus

    Matt Ryan

    Blessed Lord

    @Wookie Potamus Not sure what you’re smoking but he isn’t going anywhere.

    Andres Mireles


Jonna Davis



Made enough plays to win, Appreciate the Victory GO BEARS!!! 🏈 🐻

Yoshibro 456

Rebuild the O-line during the offseason cut leno draft rookie’s resigning Massie was a mistake

Sports Fan

You call this a Victory? against mostly backups, pathetic team. Pace, Nagy, Trub and entire Oline need to go. Time for some real football people to run this team

Emperor Penguin

The only highlights were Kwits safety and Montgomery’s td run

That Ninja E!

They have to resign Nick some how. Or he will be in Green Bay making us wished we had.

Thrustin Von Helmut

The o-line is still a hot mess. Beating 2nd teamers is not an accomplishment.

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